The band my roommates and I play in just posted a song from our rehearsal the other night and we were looking for some feedback. Crit for crit let us know what you think! (There is a slight bit of distortion on the drum overheads at times but it's still very listenable.)

Here's the link: www.myspace.com/aetiology

P.S. - Our first show is this Saturday at the Elbo Room in Chicago if any of you are in Chicago and have nothing going on Saturday night stop by and check us out! Bands start at 8:30pm and our set starts at 1am. (The show is 21+)

Pretty damn good man! i think you just need a little more confidence while playing, you sound a little hesitated in some places.
but overall this song has alot of potential.pay attention to the fact that the volume doesent change that much, and it gets pretty monotonic at some point- all can be fixed with a little volume change and what not.
I likes it overall, good luck!
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Damn it man, your psychadelic song totally trumps mine!

One of my favourite things in music is when people make it atmospheric and immersive, and I think you did it very well. That is one of my favourite things about your music, and I applaud you for it.

I totally agree with one of the above comments saying it sounds like a Mars Volta quieter section...That's probably why I like this song so much, actually. The Mars Volta are one of my favourite bands, and I like mellower stuff over fast music.

Usually, I critique on what I think might improve it, but I'm not sure if you really did anything wrong here...Not saying it's the perfect song (Although I do really like it. I love prog/psychadelic stuff), I just don't know how you'd improve it, if you catch my drift.

At about 4:05 I like the ethereal sound your guitar had, it's a nice touch, and works well that you didn't use it for the entire song.

Oh, one thing, actually...Have you tried making this song less guitar oriented? Not that I have a problem with guitars (Otherwise I wouldn't be on ultimate guitar), and this is probably just a taste thing, but have you tried it with other instruments? It might turn out really well. Don't be afraid to go wild!

Critique back please?

Been confused when the video came on at the same time, I didn't know what was going on!

But listening now. Calm start, liking the groove of the bass with the drums and the etheral guitar over the top. Guitar tone is nice, good bit where the drums come in properly giving some movement. Good sparing use of guitar, creates atmosphere, which is obviosuly what you're trying to do. You using a Boss DD-6 delay pedal? I can hear sometimes what I think is it's warp effect which I'm particularly fond of. You're getting some good tones! Liking the sound around 3:01, getting some psychadelicness going on.

This far in I feel you need another layer of sound though, another guitar providing some background harmony would be good as the bass is moving around too much to give a solid backing. Around 4.05 you've got some latter day Led Zep going on. Good change of pace.

I think you need to bring in some heavier riffs to be honest to contrast with your grooving evolving sound you have going on.

I don't really like guitar solos so I'm a bit bored around 5 minutes with the slightly over wah'd bluesy thing going on. That's just me though.

Good, this is good although you need to switch up ideas a bit, or end the song sooner. Acutally just as I'm typing a heavier riff comes in (around 6.10)! But needs a change of guitar tone to liven things up. Quality of recording is good for a live recording.

Not bad! Not exactly my thing but I enjoyed it anyway which is a good sign

If you could critique back it'd be much appreciated