I've been wanting to learn how to play guitar for about 2-3 years and about two months ago i was able to obtain an old acoustic guitar ...

I know alot of the basics about notes and such since in junior high/high school i played an alto sax for approximately 5 years. (i quit playing my senior year of high school because I got really good and the music they gave us was the same every single year ... i memorized every song given to me within 2-3 days and it just was boringly repetitive)

Anyways, I've been learning the guitar for about two months now, and i kinda just started picking notes at the very beginning (things like scales, easy songs, etc) for about 2 hours or so a day. (whenever i take a break from homework or am watching TV I usually have the guitar in my lap)

More recently I've been trying to learn some chords from an old book that came with the guitar ... (i seem to really suck at learning chords)

However, lately I've been getting worried that I'm learning bad habits and/or im doing things wrong because I've been learning it completely from an old book and a few online lessons ... I don't really know anyone that could give me advise.

I stumbled across this site about a month ago, but there were so many lessons I had no idea where the best place was to begin ...

Could someone help me find the best lesson to begin at? and then what i should learn after that?
Yeah, alot of UG's lessons are very helpful as Biga has linked for you
My bad habit is the height my fingers go when doing scales xD
My only issue.
congrats dude, hope you enjoy it. first step is the hardest, and youll have that down soon enough.