The frets on my Ibanez are a little worn out, and im wondering, is it worth to refret? Its a 400€ guitar, and i got it real cheap second hand, but it just feels so amazing its priceless to me. How would one go about refreting a guitar? It has a rosewood fretboard. Are there any alternatives to refreting, like sanding the frets a bit so they are round again or something? And if i choose to refret it, is there a kind of fret-wire that doesnt wear out as much? I heard that stainless steel frets are pretty much indestructible?
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If it's a bolt on and the frets are really bad then it might be cheaper to just replace the whole neck. Look on ebay for a newer neck for like under $100, or cheaper if you buy it without tuners and just re-use the tuners from your current neck.
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im fairly certain you can just do a fret dressing.

if you haven't done one before, you can level the frets, and crown them.

you can bring it to a tech or do the leveling and crowning yourself. the tools would be well worth the money if you plan on playing guitar for a long time.