Well, it sounds like a nice song. I could, but didn't play it. I can't speak for the progressions and phrasing because I know nothing about that stuff. However, I'm not sure if this song is a metal song. Good song, though.
doesn't really sound metal, at all

no offense sounds decent, but cant see how its metal
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I really like the riffs, and the progression from acoustic to distortion was well done.

Definitely metal, but more like Agalloch style metal, or maybe like a folk metal or something. Uplifting but sort of depressing in that same way, oddly. Especially the first lead and the riff at 94.

Really good stuff, could use use some better variations in the riffs, but overall, it's well done for what it is.

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That acoustic riff was pretty cool. I loved the drum track as well.
Bars 66-73 sounded a bit odd, but that's guitar pros fault.

Overall, interesting song. Enjoyed it.