Does anyone know where I can find an image of a chart with the major chords and their notes?

A B C D E F G chords and the notes they're comprised of? It'll be a nice reference until I have them all memorized.
GOOGLE IT...seriously just type in something like guitar chord charts in google.
For your major A B C D E F G chords, take the major scale for each one, and apply the 1 3 5 theory. Voila.

A = A C# E
C = C E G

etc et al.
First I would have to calculate the scale, then count the 1 3 5. Takes longer. If I had a nifty little chart I could memorize those specofic notes a lot faster. If not I guess I'll have to make my own.
U can do one thing..........

1.Install Guitar pro 4.
2.Then start the program
3.Then press/type 'a' button
4. U will find chord library were every thing is given(like notes, which finger to use, root note, etc).
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