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So according to obvious statistics 69% of us will have known/went to school with a girl who become a pornstar

i think i already know who they're talking about for me...

so what do yah think?
trying to piece his 2 and 2 together
lol 69...

sounds true
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not hated
I can actually imagine this.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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ya taht is prety funny consider that how many people are pornstar adds to 69!!!!
69? That's convenient.
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If you can't think who might be the pornstar in your class, it's you.

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I know for a fact that at least three of the girls I went to secondary school with have appeared in porn movies.

I even had sex with one of them in year 10.
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Are we talking about proffessional porn here?
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Are we talking about proffessional porn here?

idk. Is that anything like professional?
I think its true. I do my own amateur work and sell it.
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idk. Is that anything like professional?

I'm assuming so. I mean the girls sound like they really love it!

Just today I was watching a porno and the girl kept screaming "Oh my god, you're gonna make me cum!". Had to turn the volume off, though, my class and teacher were complaining.
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If you can't think who might be the pornstar in your class, it's you.



I have no opinion on this matter.
There was a girl I went to college with who has been in a porn movie. Like a real actually produced porn movie. After we found out about it a group of us went and watched it to see what she looked like naked. Not as good as we were hoping, but it was still pretty cool. She was nasty!!

But on the amateur level, I know several girls who have done amateur porn with like a Sony HandyCam or whatever hand held video recording device they had. One of my neighbors even does that. I've been filmed once or twice but to my knowledge none of that has been published anywhere. Not that it would bother me if it had been, but I dont think it has.
And %100 of the girls TS slept with became lesbian.
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What kind of sick person puts the % at the front of the stastic.

That just looks nasty.
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ya taht is prety funny consider that how many people are pornstar adds to 69!!!!

sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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He may be, but this is probably somewhat true.

here's hoping, i went to a highschool that was looaadded with hot chicks haha
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Oh, hello mister tracer! Lets dance!
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And we all poop in the sandwiches!

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All the sex loving girls in my school were pretty un-attractive. So I doubt I do know any. Though I suppose the producer of that film could be pretty desperate so cast one of them anyway.
I believe that. I already know who i know that will be one.

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i went to a catholic high school and i think at least one stupid airhead popular girl would have that happen to them.

as far as college is concerned, i go to the #5 party school in the nation.

so yeah my chances are high.
Go Veg.
I've seen nude pics of a girl I went to primary school with? that close enough?
My cousin actually went out with Tanner Mayes for like 7 or 8 months when he was a sophomore or junior.
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*Goes to search school-friends' names*

Just kidding they're still just children.


*Continues searching*
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That's far too clever to be posted in the Pit.
I don't think I'd want to see any of the girls I went to HS with in a porno. Damn they'd be old!!!!!!
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I don't know about pornstars but I did have a few girls in my high school class that danced. There was a chick in one of my classes last quarter that was a dancer as well.
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A kid in my school has a sister thats a porn star... idk if it is against the rules to say her name on UG though
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i know and have seen sex tapes (on phones) from people from college (uk) which could always mean they were under 18 LMAO but yeah wouldnt supprise me if it was atleast 69% know someone who has been or done a sex tape Haha
Im quite proud of that LOL

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