Hey guys! After almost four months of waiting, we´ve done another Dream Theater split-screen cover. The song is Metropolis Pt. 1 from the Images & Words album. This time we had another special guest on vocals, the very talented Will Shaw, all the way from Norwood/EUA.


MP3: http://www.4shared.com/file/137065525/74bfdc4a/SSC-VRA-Metropolis-Part1-192k.html

For keyboard players out there: Keyboard sounds are mostly from the Oasys (intro, samples and main leads are from Dave/calmar´s awesome soundset), and the rest from the PC3x (strings, organ and some bells). I did several takes and chose the best ones for the mix. Hard work, but lots of fun!

Band lineup:

César Zolhof - Keyboards
Felipe Campos - Bass
Will Shaw - Vocals
Paulinho - Drums
Thiago Campos - Guitars & Mixing

Thanks a lot for taking your time to watch this, I hope you enjoy it!

All the best!
César Zolhof
Korg Oasys 88, Kurzweil PC3x, V-Stand KS-V7, Furman PL-Plus, Yamaha HS-80M
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That was sick.
Surely one of the most incredible cover of Dream Theater I've ever heard in my life. I'm sure they would be very proud of you guys!
I wish you a lot of success because you all are incredible musicians and have so much potential!

Nothing I could say more, I subscribed, added as friend!

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holy hell!
that was great
i had to watch that video like 2-3 times cause i was in aww of how amazing that was

i cant wait for more covers!

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