I am out of molasses tobacco which is the stuff you smoke in one of these:

Is there anything I can smoke in it that I can find around the house? I have no tobacco or anything. I was thinking maybe fruit/herbs.
Either one of the Three P's.


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Mix some household chemicals together in a bucket. wait for it all to evaporate then collect the white residual crap that's left over. then smoke it.
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Tea Leaves?
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a teabag works pretty good. Also try some Eldorado Spice mix gives light hallucinations

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nutmeg, cloves, oregeno, rosemary
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I bought a hooka pipe in Morocco. I never could get the molasses tobacco/charcoal thingy to work right. Must be an art that's lost to the common folk. Anyway, good look on your endeavours. Try some cannibis sativa? Has a wonderful aroma I think.
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Serious reply: nutmeg.

Caution, nutmeg will make you trip nut sack, but the hang over is like god taking a dump on your soul.
Feed your mind.
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