hey, i need a tuner for <£25 that can tune to any note, plus semitones[half steps/flats/sharps]
any ideas?i know chromatic tuners tune to any note,but most dont do sharps/flats.
KORG do a few low priced chromatic tuners look into them, try other well known brands, there's alot of reviews in the review section about tuners.
ya, korg ca-30. really cheap, does every note

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korg pitch jack is pretty cool..check it out...does 7 semitones flat/sharp
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And KORG are always reliable, it wont die on you for no reason, they'll even take a few knocks, such as being dropped from 6ft onto a tiled floor.
whatever you do dont get a traynor tuner, they are absolutly terrible
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CA-30 looks great,thanks.so i can really tune to crazy stuff like C# F# B E G# C#? i know some tune by ear, i cant.notes never sound the same to me.dunno why.
will buy 2morrow if it really can tune sharp&flat,will have to research that.