So heres the schematic Im working from:

Alright here it is!


Coming together nicely....

Wait a minute, I built it wrong.... back to work...

Custom 0.047uF Capacitor, forgot to buy one


And it worked perfectly the first time!! I was in shock, usually these things never work right away. Ive only been able to try it on my crappy amp, but it sounds pretty good!

Ill get the box next friday, so I can put it all together, and I gotta buy the jacks for the patch cords, because its pretty sketch right now

Anyways, ask questions! And hopefully this encourages others to build their own!

Total cost only $20!!
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only drive pot is reverse, volume pot is simple log, not reverse
i've build this one, it's simple, the main problem (like with all the effects) is offboard wiring it's a pain it the ass
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No need for the drive pot to be reverse audio.
Just use a normal audio taper and connect the wiper to the clockwise end and call it "tame".
Or use a linear and accept that it will be a little faster at the high gain end.
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Ok thanks for the help guys, im gonna go tomorrow to get the parts, and ill post em here just to double check everythings ok. Then ill turn this into a build thread!