I'm buying a used gibson les paul studio 1993 tomorrow, it's 600eu so it's a good deal.
But my question: to what parts should I pay attention to? How will I know something needs to be replaced, what's parts of a guitar ware out the fastest with aging, etc?

thanks for the help, sorry for the bad english.
pay attention to the condition to the frets, and neck in general, becuase the eletronics are eaily replaceable
but should they be replaced?
I mean it's about 15 years old, so it's not really vintage or anything but if it has been played every day for 15 years it will have some scars no?
Frets and neck warping are the biggest, anything and everything can be replaced. Electronics should be fine after 15 years, unless he left it in a swimming pool.
first check for fret buzz (string touches fretwires and buzzes). then check the knobs to see if they're loose at all. also check the pickups and tuning machines to see if they are loose or broken. if the tuning machines are broken, new ones are like six bucks
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as said might need a refret (look for fret wire that has a polished sheen on them that seem very flat, and look for high spot on the frets.

with the electrics inside use some contact cleaner on the pots, output jack and selector switch.

do all the checks you`d normally do when buying a guitar (movement in the neck pocket and tuners etc,etc....)

then give it a full setup.