This is my first song that I post in here. All kind of critic is welcome, but please if you don't like it, type why. Also don't just tell me (for example) that solo sucks, tell me what to improve in it.

It's Melodic black metal inspired by dimmu borgir.
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I will be giving my honest opinion. I'll try to be specific.

"Pop Riff" section needs to go. Its to happy for this style of music. It is also to simplistic relative to other chord progressions you have going on.

Breakdown one is acceptable, but I dont know why it is there.

2nd JAAA (whatever that means) is really good.

The solo is okay, I guess, however it seems purposeless and for being melodic black metal it has little melody.

Verse 1 is okay

I like the "Double bass madness"

The "Bridge" does nothing different then the verse, and by now that slow riff is getting stale.

You move to quickly into the Chorus again.

I like Verse 2, the chord progression works because of the symphonic elements.

Bridge 2 is more interesting than Bridge 1.

Breakdown 2 is pretty awesomely melodic.

There is little need to revisit the intro, but it works.

Verse 3 is good.

Ultimately its pretty decent, however there are not enough riffs to keep up. Also, the breakdowns aren't actually "breakdowns" unless you dock the BPM in that section. Also, having like 5 breakdowns is not necessary.

That is my general overview. I like this style of music. Hopefully this critique will help you out a bit.
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Thanks for feedback! Yes I noticed it too. Pop riff is a little bit too pop for black metal.
Thanks alot, man! I think I'll improve it and post it here again!
I like it alot, but not the solo...
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Kinda reminds me on Mourning Palace (or sth like that... I don't really liesten Dimmu Borgir)...
I liked the symphonic elements, and the groovy riffs from verse 1 and the bridges, the solo was ok and I liked the re-intro. Well, I'm not a fan of black metal so I won't criticize what I dislike, but all in all I really like this song. =)
That was pretty cool. I wasn't a huge fan of the solo but I liked the little breakdown sections that you had in there, they were cool and very atmospheric. Just maybe revisit the solo and this will be really awesome 8/10
Ok here's my take on this..

First off, I must say that I am an ardent fan of Black Metal. So, the pop riff didn't really set in too well at the start. However, at the later occurrences of the same, I think it's ok. But like someone else mentioned earlier, it's too "happy" for a black metal song.

The 2nd JAAA part is brilliant! Very Immortal-esque and amazing use of the bass there. The toms used are also perfect. I really enjoyed this part but sadly it never comes back again.

The solo wasn't entirely to my liking. It seemed like a lot of random notes in between. But that's just me coz I am not a fan of shred (not saying that this is shredding though, it's similar).. But it wasn't out-of-tune or something, so that's ok.

The verse-double bass madness-chorus parts are pretty good. Though the double bass madness parts are the same as the chorus parts, so I suggest you to add some extra dynamics to either one of them just to keep the listener hooked.

The breakdown is brilliantly melodic. Good use of the keys there.. But really after that, the way I was thinking, I thought it would end there after the clean choir. But you started with the verse again, so I didn't totally enjoy after that. But we are talking without the verse and vocals here, so I don't think that's any problem at all. And this was what I felt only on first listen.. On subsequent listens, it didn't bother me at all..

Bringing the intro again for the outro was a good idea. So, the song ends kinda fittingly.

Overall, I'd say that you are (were) deeply influenced by Dimmu.. The "pop riff" can go I guess and be substituted with something else probably.. The drums have been structured pretty well and the bass stands out at many places, so that's great! So I'd give it an 8/10..
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Intro - Love the sync you have there. Very dark and medieval ish.

Yargh - Very black metal and heavy. excellent job.

Pop riff - I think it's too early for this riff. I think it would be better to contrast the song
later by putting this somewhere in the middle or end of the song. It's an ok riff but doesn't really fit, IMO.

Breakdown - Love it.

2nd JAAA - Reminds me of Immortal. It's pretty cool overall.

Verse 1 - Awesome groove and idea. Love it!

This is one of your bests IMO. Great work and keep it up. 8.5/10