Im a small fingers guitar player and im fairly skinny . so i tried 3/4 size guitars like the squier mini and felt very confortable playing standing up although im 28 y.o . so i was thinking about the squier mini and getting it modded with a humbucker pickup , locking tuning keys , all electronics upgraded etc.. to make it a better guitar . the thing is thats everything after the tune up etc.. would be 450 $ (canadian) if not more .

now ive talk to a luthier who custom built guitar and he said he has a squier mini pattern that he could use to build me a real good guitar with ... for around $ - 650- 700 $ . the body would be alder instead of plywood , the neck would be all maple ( not unfinished rosewood like the squier mini ) , handmade with all the good electronic and spec i would give him . he said it would be like a american deluxe but 3/4 size .

whichh one would you go ????

-should i invest a 200- 250 $ more and put all the great modded a i wanted for the mini in the mini ... in a better guitar ??

- would you trust luthier to custom built a guitar for you ???

the guy seem very professionnal in what he does .




anyone ever has a handbuilt guitar ???? any experience with luthier overall ??? can they stand up to quality of big company ??
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If they're that close in price, I would definitely go with the custom made one. That's not a bad price considering how good his finished product look in the pic.
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A handbuilt guitar will often far exceed what is done by a company for a fraction of the price (unless you're getting it from a company's Custom Shop, in which case it's high quality, but much more expensive)

I'd go for it.
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well alder does sound a bit better than plywood...

if you trust the guy, it would probably be worth a few hundred extra to at least get better wood in it. you're already upgrading the electronics in the squire, so it doesn't matter so much with that.

it will probably be higher overall quality than a squire too. i personally have never known a squire i thought felt good and seemed of good quality. i've heard other stories on here of people who liked them though.

basically, i'd go with the custom.