I have a Roland JC 120 amp and I have a POD X3 live. I play metal and I have a problem with the sound being too thin through the amp. I at one point had the amp on the floor with the casters removed and near a wall in a nook in my house. The tone was amazing!! I recently turned the nook into a recording station. I raised the amp to the top of a new desk height. I would prefer to keep the amp at this height. Now the sound is far too thin, no matter where I stand. This is a little unexpected any input would be great.
i tend to angle my amp so the speaker points right at my head. It sounds a lot clearer but im not sure how much difference it will make to your thin tone issue.
I found that when its on the floor, it sounds bassier and much better to my ears for metal. But when I put my amp to head level it sounded thin to my ears also.
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