I've played both extensively, and owned a VT30. The Vox is definitley nice if you want to get alot of tones and effects out of it, but it doesn't have any flavor. Pretty much any guitar you play through it sounds the same. But it's nice for the money and it's easy to transport and move around, plus it takes pedals pretty well. The Vypyr, will have more warmth with the 6l6 power tubes and the 12AX7 preamp tubes. Now I've played it, but I don't want to steer anyone away from buying it because the two I played might of had bad tubes or been damaged, but on paper it looks good.
depends on what your playing, the vyper is geared more towards metal whereas the valvetronix is geared towards rock/hard rock. yes the valvetronix can do metal, but not as well as the vyper.

however with the launch of the vyper tube, i would be more inclined to vote vyper.
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If you play anything as heavy as metallica, Vypyr all the way. Great cleans and distortion. Probably my next amp.
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If you play anything as heavy as metallica, Vypyr all the way. Great cleans and distortion. Probably my next amp.

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vyper, peavey are best amps ever
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vyper, peavey are best amps ever

I wouldn't say they're the best amps ever but they're definitely good especially for what you pay.

That being said, Vypyr all the way.
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peavey are best amps ever

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Well, the Vox VT50 sounds great for clean and bluesy stuff. The rock sounds are also pretty nice. The Vypyr is more tubey sounding though, and it has nicer high gain sounds. My beef is that modeling amps get kind of monotonous after a while and are really just a necessary evil for people wanting a lot of tones on a budget. I vote for the Vypyr though.