Hey UG, I thought I would all share with you my experiences with a fantastic guitar teacher I have just started lessons with named Tom Hess. Tom is seriously one of the best players and teachers I have ever seen, his knowledge, technique and general musicianship are all absolutely phenomenal and as good as it gets, but more importantly he's an amazingly talented teacher with many great training systems available over the internet to help you become the best player you can be. I've recently enrolled in fortnightly "Correspondence Lessons" with Tom and have just received my second lesson. The service he offers is completely unique. I urge you to check out his site, but basically, the concept behind the Correspondence Lessons is that Tom derives a long-term strategy designed around your personal short and long term goals and sends you a selection of hundreds, possibly thousands, of premade lessons, be it through the medium of text, audio or video, that relate to what you want to achieve. Tom spends a lot of time designing these strategies, and all you as the student must do is trust his proven judgement in the materials he sends to you, and be dedicated and committed to succeed.

These lessons with Tom are not for everyone, Tom is not like many other teachers in the sense that he only works with students with the drive and will to improve, if you're the kind of player who isn't willing to put the effort in, these lessons aren't for you, but for everyone else Tom Hess could be the answer to turn you from a good guitar player to a great one. Everything he teaches is very thorough and structured, and his ways and concepts are often unique, I have only been taking Correspondance Lessons with Tom for a short period, but there are so many resources available on his site, my playing has really benefitted, and I trust that Tom's long term strategy for me will help me achieve my goals. Additionally, as part of the Correspondance Lessons, you can periodically send recordings/videos to Tom for feedback. I personally could only send audio, but the amount he derived from my playing was astonishing, for instance, Tom can even distinguish between up and downpicks in solos, as an example, just from listening to the audio.

I hope you get what I'm trying to convey here, Tom Hess is a simply astonishing guitar tutor and I guarantee he will make you the player you want to be in due time if you remain committed and trust in his credentials. Tom Hess is a teacher of THE highest calibre, and what I have learnt from him so far is already extraordinary. Although he is obviously a highly accomplished metal/neoclassical player, Tom has achieved mastery in many styles, and a guarantee you can all learn from him if you so wish. I urge you all to check out his site here: http://www.tomhess.net/

On the site, make sure you check out his articles (I particularly enjoyed his articles on "About How To Practice Guitar Effectively"... http://www.tomhess.net/Articles.aspx
...Subscribe to his newsletter... http://www.tomhess.net/NewsSubscribe.aspx
...And check out all his different options for lessons, especially the Correspondence Lessons, in which I am currently taking. From this, I imagine you will all get some sort of idea of what a HUGELY talented guitar teacher he is who really knows his stuff, but please remember this is only a really small taster of the knowledge and teaching attributes of Tom.

Here is his Youtube page http://www.youtube.com/user/TomHessMusicCorp, I seriously recommend you all check it out, there are a lot of small samples of the sort of stuff available when you sign up for lessons, or from his masterclasses, but once again please remember that all of this is only the tip of the iceberg of what Tom Hess can offer. I absolutely urge you to spend some time checking this guy out, even his free resources are fantastic and can really benefit you as a player, and should give you an indication to how talented Tom Hess is, both as a guitarist, and more importantly, as a guitar teacher.

If you've read all of this, congrats, I hope Tom's expertise will help benefit your guitar playing, and I urge those of you who want to improve to take up Correspondence Lessons with Tom, or one of his other lesson packages (the correspondence lessons are fantastic, and include loads of little extra bonuses that it doesn't say, such as a few detailed extra lessons available in detail from Tom through his private forum, things in which I really found beneficial). So, spend some time checking out his teaching, articles, newsletters e.t.c. and researching from his site yourself the amazing services he offers, such as the correspondence lessons.. this is a rare opportunity for you to become the player you've always wanted to be, no matter what your skill level, from intermediate, to full time professional shredder, Tom Hess can definitely be of use to you, seriously guys, he's amazing

...Btw, if any of you guys decide to take lessons from Tom, make sure you mention that Dan Stearn referred you
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