I've been thinking about it alot today, and I've been wanting to find a cheaper way to get more low end and just badassness out of my amp. I thought about doing a 212 cab, but cant affored $140 in speakers. But this way isnet any better.

Is this a good idea, I know that 15 inch speakers are used alot in PA systems becuase they can hold clarity at loud volumes, I was wondering if the same is true for guitar amps?

My logic behind this is that my amp is a 50 watt tube amp, and its got the same crappy speaker, and a 15 inch speaker can handle a hell of alot more watts and power with more clarity than a 12 inch. I might just buy a single Vetren 30 speaker for the moment, but in the future I would like to try this.

What are your thoughts on doing something like this?
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You'll have a very... whumpy sound from that. 15" speakers aren't usually voiced for guitar frequencies, (I know, I know, Necrophagist uses them) I'd think you'll wand some sort of high-pass filter that will separate lows to your 15" and highs to another speaker (pref. 10" or 12"). I'm not sure how readily available this technology is, however.

yeah, I was thinking about something with a 15, 12 and 10 to see how it sounded. I think the idea is good.
if you could split the frequencies somehow, it would probably sound amazing had it been built correctly. maybe make the 10" speakers detachable from the 15"?

I was looking around and found some people using some really old vintage 1x15 cabs with some old single tube amps. Seems like its been tired before. idk, the 15 in with a 10 in to compsate for the highs sounds logical.

EDIT: ^ Well, on the topic of seperating frequencies to seperate speakers, I would think the tech exists, I have an old stero system from the 80's that has two tower speakers with a 12 in, 8 inch and 5 inch speakers and some tweeters in em, and it seperates the frequences out pertty well.

I think that the 15 inch will put out the lower frequencies better and the 10inch will put out the higher frequencies better if its linked in series.
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Randall makes a cab with 2 12's on top and a 15 on bottom. pretty sure The Acacia Strain plays them.
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When chassis speakers are designed they are optimised for particular uses, your problem is going to be that no-one designs a 15" speaker for guitar, Guitar speakers are designed to be short throw, mid biased, light coned and resonances are designed to enhance the guitar sound. PA speakers are heavy coned and with a flat response. Try out a 15" bass guitar or PA speaker with your amp first. If you like the tone then fine but you risk spending money which you are short of on a speaker which will not satisfy.

It might be sensible to just build a 1x12 and then add another 12 when you can afford to.
15" speakers give you a bigger bass sound and a surprisingly good top end but the midrange ends up being weak. Another problem with 15" speakers are that the bass does have a tendency to "fart" when you push them hard.

Here is a soundclip of one of my tweed style amps run into a Jensen C15, which is voiced for guitar. It starts clean and then has some distorted stuff at the end. Bass and treble are both at 6 and there are no pedals or effects used at all.


I'm guessing that's not what you expected from a 15" speaker.
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^ No, didnt really expect that. I'm sure someone makes 15 in guitar speakers designed to handle distortion well. But it is a good concept to keep in mind, if you can run larger speakers you can push more volume without having to increase your wattage.
My '51 Sano amp has a 1x15 and two 1x8's. So ... yeah. Sounds feckin awesome too.

Dunno how well it handles distortion - i use it A/B'd with my Windsor for cleans. FANTASTIC cleans.
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The thing about handling power with clarity is that you don't need a big speaker, look at the peanut butter and jelly bass amps, lots of small 5" speakers but it still gives out a nice clear response because each speaker is not handling a lot of power and the way the cab was designed. In fact i would say that you're going to get less clarity of tone from a bigger speaker because it can't push out the highs as well. Also if you're using distortion the bass won't sound very tight. Generally 12s are used because they strike a good balance between fullness of tone and the highs.

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