this is me and the singer for my bands song that we recording in my room in a day.

please check it out and tell me wt you think about the song and the mix. thanx

its on my profile nw.
Listening now, a bit generic metal riff from the off, but played cleanly.

I'm sorry but the vocals, whilst they seem to have range, have this nasty nasally tone, and the growling is a bit unnatural. But the tune and melody in the chorus is actually really good.

Liking the change of pace in the clean bit around 1.33, fairly good structure of a song, not just the same riff over again. oooh... nice riff afterwards with the dischordant bits, could have gone on a bit longer, maybe got a little heavier, but good ideas.

Chorus' are generally good, although dwell a bit more, you're changing ideas and tones too quickly to really get a great picture of what the song is. Got a kind of punkish/metal nature going on, like a bizarre cross between greenday and metallica. But I do like bits, like the muted chords around 2.40, and the 'I threw you away' bit afterwards.

The breakdown and 3.00 is a bit boring, and the growling isn't very convincing.

But for 2 years it's not bad really, you just need to organise your ideas a bit better!

If you could critique back it'd be much appreciated