So I've tried recording into Audacity and just the default sound recorder, and either way i get a distorted version of what i'm playing, whether i'm playing it into the computer clean or actually distorted.

I'm recording from my guitar into my GNX3 and then into the microphone 1/8" jack on my laptop. I'm just using a regular 1/4" cable from the output of the GNX3 and then using a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter to fit into the jack.

One more thing, no matter what the volume is on the pedal, it still records the same, distorted volume on the computer.

What should I do?
Check out my music, if you please.
turn down the input volume on your computer
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Sounds like your signal is clipping. Turn the signal down in Audacity, or turn the Line-in on your PC down until your not clipping anymore.