Hi folks,

inspiration got hold of me in the last hour and I wrote down a nice little acoustic piece. I usually don't bother people with muc of my stuff, but if anyone finds it pleasant to listen to, or better yet, enjoyable to play, why not share it anyways, I thought..

It's nothing too serious, considering I wrote down this draft on a whim, but I'm confident enough to post something worthwile, I hope. Visions of Corsica provided the feeling I wanted to capture (funny though, I have absolutely no idea how traditional corsican music sounds anyway), sunny, breezy, with parts of melancholy and playfulness. And like every acoustic ballad worth its time it is also dedicated to a special lady, of course

Down to brass tacks, the piece is of low-mid difficulty and should be playable by every advanced beginner. I didn't write down specific fingerings, because it'd bloat the score even more (with all the dynamic variations going on here... what can I say, I don't like a straight mechanical sound). It shouldn't be too long for memorization, and I hope it doesn't overstay its welcome. It's also relatively straightforward in its harmony, a few modulations here and there but nothing too crazy. The dynamics (volume, tempo) are performance suggestions - the piece has a melody, and thereupon lies the focus. And some strategic rubatos help to ease the rather clumsy transitions between sections (didn't want to spent much time on connections). For example, the rather upbeat outro seems a bit irritating in the context of the rest, but I really wanted this obnoxiously jumpy part in there

Anyways. If any of you have fun playing this little tune, my time was well-spent. If you have any suggestions, consider putting your ideas in tabform to music and post it (as so I can better understand what you mean, instead of just 'lol bar 92 sucks', for example).
Thank you for listening,

(edit: slightly corrected version uploaded)
Ailes - Daughter of Corsica.gp5
Ailes - Daughter of Corsica.gp4
Ailes - Daughter of Corsica.mid
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Man, this is brilliant. The "drumming" parts didn't come across very well in GuitarPro, but man, the main melody/chord progression is so relaxed and beautiful. I also liked how you sometimes went chromatic, but never, ever dissonant or anything.

Quality stuff.
This reminds me of some Chrono Trigger music. It's so chill!

Awesome stuff dude.
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Quote by GustavLW
Man, this is brilliant. The "drumming" parts didn't come across very well in GuitarPro, but man, the main melody/chord progression is so relaxed and beautiful. I also liked how you sometimes went chromatic, but never, ever dissonant or anything.

Quality stuff.

You just read my mind. Well done mate, lovely peice. Bars 36-55 were my favourites. =)
thanks for your kind comments!

concerning the drumming, mhm i can see how that doesn't translate all too well into GP. I am trying to explore different kind of textures in my playing, and i feel those (unobtrusive as they are) percussive elements enhance the mood of the piece. For example, some sections are also meant to be played sul ponticello, others sul tasto, but that's even harder to convey in GP.

interesting to mention chrono trigger, been a while since i played that. But yes, it has great music (as does chrono cross). The simile mood probably comes from our shared appreciation of those oh-so-tasty suspended chords.

Anyways, again I hope all of you have fun playing this. I'd be delighted to hear some people record their takes on it - I'm separated from most of my equipement unfortunately due to travels, but hopefully gives me the time and inspiration to brainstorm new ideas. Your feedback will be appreciated!
First off, let me say I love the way you explained how the piece was composed and whatnot, and also how polite you are. It's probably what compelled me to post.

The entire thing is beautiful. If I had an acoustic, I would record this ASAP. I can really hear the mood coming across in every part. It really reminds me of a sunset-lit beach, and a small gathering of friends having a good time, all at once. The only thing that bugged me was how the outro was noticeably louder than the rest of the track. It just sort of shocks you

Awesome work yo.
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I tried playing it.
But I'm fairly new to fingerpicking and couldn't do anything after A1. haha

Nice song bro.
That was absolutely lovely, and with songwriting capabilities like yours, I find myself wondering why you even post in a forum filled with compositions that don't even carry half of the professionalism and emotion that I head, no, felt, in that simple acoustic arrangement.

It's a blast to play, too. kudos, man.
the outro was noticeably louder than the rest of the track. It just sort of shocks you

aw geez, yeah sometimes I forget that the dynamic selection of the notes is permanent and didn't properly review the last part. Thanks for bringing this detail to my attention! I re-uploaded a corrected version in the first post.

But I'm fairly new to fingerpicking and couldn't do anything after A1. haha

mhm I'm sorry to hear that. Is it a problem of the picking hand or the fretting hand ? I did compose it as a performance piece , so the assumption is that the player has already mastered the prerequisite skills in various other study pieces. Concerning the picking hand, there are basically two ways to play this, 3-fingered or 4-fingered.The thumb usually takes the bassnotes obviously, the difference here is how often you involve your ringfinger. Personally, I play this piece in some sort of walkingbass-ish pattern, that is, the thumb is more involved and alternates a bit on the three lower bass strings. It's not exactly a 'real' folkpicking walkingbass pattern because it's not a completely straight quarter bass. If you use your ringfinger for the top notes instead, you can also play the alternate upper bassnotes with the index finger. I started out playing that way, but I switched, because the more I got into folkpicking I didn't want to confuse my musical brain with two conflicting picking versions (concentrate on one that you can execute in your sleep). Of course, take it slow - sit down and figure out a somewhat regular picking pattern that suits you ("somewhat regular", because the rhythm itself isn't completely regular either), and practice it slowly - pay attention that you only use the one picking pattern that you decided upon (if you don't pay attention, and pick each time different, your brain gets confused by having to learn many conflicting versions, and your study progress slows down).
The fretting hand also has some troublesome spots, I can see. For example, often when the "D" note is involved (3rd fret B-string) you have to use your pinky, which is I know a pain if you aren't used to it. As a tip, if you look over the piece, you'll find that often the fingerings correspond to the basic chordshapes that provide the harmonic framework (i.e. if something looks like an open-C chord, fret it like you'd fret a C chord, etc.). The melody kinda tangles around those chordshapes, so you're pretty safe most of the time with fretting them the way you'd do normally. The end is probably the most demanding section, as it requires you to change shapes in pretty rapid succession. As a practice tip, try to fret those shapes first, slowly, without any rhythm, to get your fingers used to the changes. If there's anything particular still holding you back, feel free to comment!

Thomaso, I'm glad to see you like it! I want people to have a good time playing and share the enjoyment with their friends. Oh and if you have an idea where I should rather post, just say so

Wow, thanks for the advice mate. Yeah, it's my picking hand. I just need to practise a bit more often.
I can't think of another, hah. I was just trying to express how awesome this is XD
Alies, did you study composition or something? becacause you are like an amazing composer lol
Dude, how are you not getting paid for writing music? It's wicked stuff. I've always wanted to write something like this but always lacked the creativity. But hey, maybe one day I'll get it!
Here is actually someone who can really make some music at all . I'm really jealous of this song it's better than I can ever do I really think! Melodies were just so awesome and it was really creative to add there "drumming". Drumming didn't sound special on guitar pro, but it doesn't matter. You should really record this, it was just so awesome! 9.5/10!

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