So I just found out the Thermion is being discontinued. I had one about a year ago for a short period of time, but then decided to trade it in for something more versatile (The H&K Switchblade I still have now). Though I traded it in, i really did like it, and always said to myself that I would buy it again if I had some money left over.

I'm really quite sad that it's being discontinued now. Does anyone know why? Is there a mkII in the making?

There's nothing to be found on the ibanez website (it's been removed from the site and catalog without notice), and most of the internet shops list it as discontinued. So far I've been able to track that it's only been a couple of weeks.

Please let me know if you know something.
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I loved the one I tried, and all the reviews I saw were very positive. Maybe they just didn't sell well. What a shame.


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