Alright, here's the disappointing deal-
Buiikikaesu, great song by Maximum the Hormone, I been lookin' for tabs on it for awhile now.
And y'know what?
It would appear that in this big, vast internet, there ISN'T A NORMAL GUITAR TAB FOR BUIIKIKAESU! Can you believe that!? Throughout the whole internet it would appear there are only Guitar Pro tabs for Buiikikaesu, leaving me at a bit of a loss. I can't use Guitar Pro because I can't pay, so I have to stick to normal text tabs.
I do have $800 at my disposal...but I lack a credit or debit card, so I can like, buy nothing on the internet. Can't mail money...
So, does anyone here want to be the famed first person to make a good guitar tab for Buiikikaesu thats NOT on Guitar Pro? Y'know, just a normal text tab.
That'd be dandy.
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