look up Minus the Bear

They have a lot of really inventive jazzy rock clean riffs
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One Last Breath by Creed.

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Metallicas clean stuff, revelation and children of the damned by maiden...alot more, oh and billy talent stuff
+1 on the Clapton stuff.

just a thought, how the hell did you expect to draw people in who have knowledge of these things with a thread title like "Yoo"?
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The intro for The Space For This by Cynic, Samba Briza by Atheist, El Testament De Amelia (Classical Guitar FTW!) and the Interlude/Pre-chorus in Floods by Pantera. Probably can think of, more, CBA.
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urdointhepitrong, you dont report every thread, yknow.

Also theres a band called Led Zeppelin thats pretty good.
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I thought the same exact thing when I saw the thread title!
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