i have to find a song in spanish for class wat r some good songs?
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Just go to your local Mi Mexico restaurant and ask for the Mariachi band to write a song for you.

Serious answer: Triste Cancion De Amor by El Tri
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Pixies got a few. Debaser is a mix between english and spanish.
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Check out Mago De Oz
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Queens of the Stone Age did a version of Gonna Leave You in Spanish, it's on Spotify somewhere.
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Some stuff by Santana
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asilos magdalena by the mars volta, oye como va by santana, anything by the fania all-stars, anything by ruben blades or celia cruz. search around for some by them, it's all good.
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look for some soda estereo, its pretty good
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Just look up The Mars Volta's album Frances the Mute, a lot of spanish in there.


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Shakira did a whole album in Spanish
and Christina Aquilera (sp?) sung a Spanish version of Genie in a Bottle
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"Heridas" by Papa Roach

(It's "Scars" and the singer knows spanish)
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look up the B-side Players they are a band from san diego and have been called a mixture of war and lenny kravitz.
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That one song that goes, "Vale mas, un buen amor...".

I don't remember what it is called, but it was stuck in my head for a while.
How about some Calle 13? Atreve-te, Tengo Hambre, Suave, La Jirafa, Se Vale To-to, Cabe-c-o, and Pi-di-di-di are all epic songs.
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"Heridas" by Papa Roach

(It's "Scars" and the singer knows spanish)

i think we have a winner unless someone can find another song like this in its genre
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How am I in bed you ask?

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we listened to a Shakira song in my spanish class
it was called "estoy aqui"
and was very catchy and anoying

or you could do "rico suave"


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For some reggaetón: Daddy Yankee: ¿Qué tengo que hacer? LLamado de emergencia, Ella me levantó, Grito mundial, El ritmo no perdona. Calle 13: No hay nadie como tú.

Pop Rock: David Bisbal: Bulería, Sin mirar atrás, Al Andalus. Juanes: Dámelo, Fotografía, La paga, A Dios le pido. Nek: La inquietud, Para ti sería. El Sueño de Morfeo: Chocar, Demasiado.

This is just a small ejemplo de toda mi música española.
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This, except for the "white breaded bitches" bit in the very beginning.

Voodoo Glow Skulls also have quite a few songs in Spanish as well.
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The Clash have some great songs with parts sung in Spanish.

"Spanish Bombs" comes to mind.
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