I've upgraded my guitar, but I'm assuming my amp is crap too. It's a GTA15R-H. It came with the Ibanez JX40 Jumpstart pack. I have since gotten an RR3 after my JX40 as i chose the route of metal, what amp should I get that's around the same step up of an upgrade and that's meant for metal?
You need a Spidah III

Its brootalz will smash the crushing overdrive of the MG.


No actually. Answer thrasher.'s question first.

Also what kinda sounds are you looking for? Give us some bands as reference points.
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New or Used?
Home Use or Gigging?

Sry for lack of info.

1. Eh, 400-500 at most.
2. Doesn't matter as long as there's an option for an extended warranty on a used product.
3. Gigging, I'd like to use it at home, but that's not a requirement.
4. I'm not gonna give away my exact location but I am in the middle of nowhere lol, nearest guitar center is a good 60-70 miles away. I may have to order online.

Sound.. ok lets see:
Children of Bodom
Killswitch Engage
All That Remains
Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet for my Valentine
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