hi i have just got a guitar amp off ebay for my grandson who is 15 yrs old it is something called a career amp 25 watt . I looked in music shop for reviws ect but cant find any info on these amps can anyone tell me are they any good . We bought it for £24 didnt want to pay a lot ,as he is only young .At the moment he has a small practise amp 15w that came with his guitar . Can anyone tell me is this amp we got ok it shoul arrive in a couple of days many thanks from margaret
hi he plays the red hot chilli peppers he has put 2 videos on u tube his chanel is bvshdg he also likes hendrix . He has 2 guitars one he got for xmas a fender thats the one he plays on u tube and one we bought him from a band a les paul epiphone at the moment he mostly plays the fender as he brigs it to our house every sat i think thats the one he plays at his guitar lessons too .You maybe able to hear the tone on u tube in not that musical so i dont know much about tone i only know if something sounds bad or good cheers from margaret
I don't think Career amps are great.
Might only be a small practice amplifier.

Won't be an upgrade from his current one.
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I don't think Career amps are great.
Might only be a small practice amplifier.

Won't be an upgrade from his current one.

Yeah, this.

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should be better than the basic one he has got with guitar do you think cos we got it now
Sorry if this seems technical. I tried to keep it simple, as I know what it's like to have someone talk over my head about things I don't understand.

I had a hard time finding ANYTHING on these amps, even on Google. From what I gather, it's a "Tweed" style amp. It'll have slightly more headroom than his original practice amp, which means (several things, but mainly...) that he will be able to get louder before his amp clips (or sounds like distortion).

I say "clips," because I have to assume it's a solid state amp at that price, and the sound of a solid state amp clipping is vastly different from the one a tube amp makes when it clips (which is more of a natural overdrive).

It's not that big of a deal in your case, as I can all but guarantee you the amp that came with his guitar is also a solid state amp. The only amps that come with guitars are solid state, and most of those are made to appear very... metal... for the sake of driving sales. But this new one, from the looks of it (keep in mind that I have not personally played that make/model) seems more geared toward clean playing, which should be a better fit for your grandson.

Overall, I think he'll enjoy it much more than his first amp, but if he's serious about playing and sticks with it, he'll soon find that there's a world of amps that will better suit his needs. Unfortunately, they're all going to be considerably more expensive. He's 15 you said? Does he have a paper route? Mow lawns maybe? If not, I'd advise you to advise him to find an odds-and-ends jobs suited for teenagers that will help him save for those more expensive amps. Once he's got a decent piggy bank going, he can come back and we'll try to point him in the right direction.

Good luck!
Well, im sure he is going to be very appreciative, but in all honesty you should have asked here before you bought the amp.

Still, good luck.
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yeah that unless there's a speaker problem or similar on the used amp, it'll most likely be a little louder before buzzing and muddying up.
so he should like it more.

but it's similar enough to his last amp that it's not a step up as much as sideways.

so make sure he saves up for a better than starter amp, because most of your tone comes from your amp.

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Cheap guitar + High end amp (which i mean by $700+) = superb tone
Cheap amp + High end guitar (which i mean by $600+) = Crappy tone
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Everything GrisKy said is correct.

I think Grisky's covered all the grounds on said, I don't know if there's much more to be said about it.

Also, if you (or your grandkid) do buy a new amp from a retail outlet, it'd be advisable to test it out first, decide on one he likes, then come back and ask UG about the amp in question.

More often than not, most new players are not certain about what they want and get led into purchasing an amp that the retail assistants are pushing for commission. Having some opinions from a collection of guitarist can help remedy that to some extent.

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Cheap guitar + High end amp (which i mean by $700+) = superb tone
Cheap amp + High end guitar (which i mean by $600+) = Crappy tone

True, but.....

crappy, unlikeable & uncomfortable guitar = practice less
solid, likeable & comfortable guitar = practice more

No amount of awesome tone will make up for a crappy feeling guitar.
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hi thanks grisky at least we feel like we haven't wasted our money although we havn't got a lot to waste lol . As far as asking on here first I had never heard of your web page before so I couldnt ask. After getting the amp I googled it and your page was one of the few that came up along with a couple of others so I registered Cos its sods law you find these forums after you have bought something . Luckily we havent spent a lot and what it is the school is holding band fests and they take thier own gear but the other amp isnt powerful enough being a 10w so all we looked for was a higher watt amp . We didnt realise that there were so many different ones out there but when your not a muscian you dont know these things but we know now you are here and will appreciate all your advice guys many thanks keep checking the u tube canel hes on cos im sure hes gonna post some more . Hes also tryin for paper rounds but no joy piggy bank still empty for now thanks to everyone from margaret