Poll: Epiphone SG-Special or Behringer Ultrabass 45 Watt Bass Amp?
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View poll results: Epiphone SG-Special or Behringer Ultrabass 45 Watt Bass Amp?
5 83%
1 17%
Voters: 6.
I am deciding on getting an Epiphone SG-Special (Red) or a Behringer Ultrabass 45 Watt Bass Amp. I want to get these off of Musiciansfriend.com. The bass amp is $150 and the SG is $170. Of course, I need to get a case for the guitar if I get it which is another $40. I have a Strat look-alike, an acoustic, and a bass. I have an electric amp, but no bass amp. I don't use my bass enough where I think I would use it more if I had an amp. My Strat look-alike has a tremolo, but I think a floating bridge sounds nice. YOU DECIDE!

Ryan Wiesen (lildude_6859)
If you already have a starter guitar you shouldn't buy another starter guitar.

So bass amp I guess.
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i think i'm gonna save up for a Gibson SG and get something that will play and sound good. thanks for the advice!