I have an acoustic. But, the high E string....Broke. Like the First day..BRAKE. the action on it is pretty bad too.
So...I need to know what kinda electric OR acoustic guitar that actually works and has good quality for beginners?
you know you can replace strings?

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get some EXPs or martin acoustic strings.

EDIT: nevermind haha thought you were asking about strings. This is a really vague thread. budget? music style?

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It all depends on what you want and how much you're willing to pay... personally I would go for a Fender Strat for its versitillity... Strats might have 100 things that can go wrong but each one is easy to fix, very road worthy guitar.

Also, learn how to replace strings as soon as you can, it will save you alot of money.
As far as electric guitars are concerned, the squier strats are great for beginners. They have a decent clean tone and if you can get one with the humbucker setup, then it can have a decent distorted tone as well. In addition to this, they won't break the bank. I picked up mine for $150 bucks and it works great as my traveling guitar so I don't need to risk damaging or losing my expensive ones.

Acoustic guitars are a bit trickier, especially since there is so much trash on the market. Stay away from any acoustic you find at places like the toy section of walmart or your local gocery store. Once again the squier brand is a haven for beginners. They sell acoustic packs that will come with a beginners book and a pitch pipe or tuner.

Whichever way you go, if you have the knowledge or a friend to help you out, chances are you'll want to change the stock strings that come with whatever guitars you buy. Which strings a guitarist will choose is mostly based on preference and the style of music being played, however for a beginner I would recommend a set of Ernie Ball Regular Slinkys. They're heavy enough to allow you to begin building a little finger strength, but not too heavy where you'll have a bunch of trouble during the strength building process.
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Also, learn how to replace strings as soon as you can, it will save you alot of money.

especially if you're buying a new guitar every time you break a string!

kidding, my first acoustic was my moms and couldn't have been much worse. the action was about a half inch at the 12th fret. awful. just plain painful.

anyway the squier strats aren't as bad as some people would have you believe. i just hate the starter packs. save up about $400, and go $200 - $250 on a guitar, $100 - $150 on an amp, and the rest on strap / cables / picks / whatever. thats how i started out. a friend of mine started out about the same time and quit almost immediately. after i played his starter pack guitar i know why. they're awful.
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On the topic of Squier, using the prices suggested in the above post, look for a used Classic Vibe 50's Tele on Ebay or a local craigslist. That Tele is, IMO, the best guitar Squier makes.

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Yes, starter pack guitars suck the left testical of an orangutan

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