It still needs some work, but let me know what you guys think.

Look up at the darkest shade of blue the sky can produce
The reflection blackens the ocean and the scenery between
Stare out at the stars, so bright, yet so dim to the naked eye

Have you ever stopped and thought that the stars still shine,
Even through the light of day, when the sun has taken control

There are secrets written so deep within the night sky,
That you’ll never learn of them all. Some so big,
It could change the complexion on how you live
You may find leads or hints, You may find a handful of answers
But there will always be the ones so far from our reach,
Engraved beneath the surface, that you will never find

From time to time a treacherous storm will pass
The darkened sky will open up, with devastation
Leaving you with only remnants of what once was
The beautiful imagery of the star filled sky
I don't really have much of a critique to offer, but I read this and really enjoyed it. Some of the seasoned vets here could offer some helpfull tips I think, but as far as I'm concerned, It's good how it is. Very enjoyable read.
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


haha thanks man, it seems a little weird that it's completely about the night sky, but there is a meaning behind it. I'm using the night sky as a metaphor, to show how much keeping secrets and lying can effect your life in certain ways. It's probably hard to decipher but if I was to give a line by line analysis of what each line really means, it would make more sense.
I would never have guessed that just from the reading it without being told, but I can see it actually.

If you wouldn't mind reading mine and sharing your thoughts, it's on the first page as of now. 'Letter for a Liar"
Quote by dcdossett65
Life is too short to worry about this crap.