Hey guys, I need a new head. I'll have $1000 US, I might be able to get a couple more hundred. I play stuff ranging from pop-punk (ie- Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Fireworks, New Found Glory) to hardcore (ie- Comeback Kid, Ambush!, Gravemaker). Not too much metal, but I like to play around with it from time to time. My 6505 just got boring to me, and I want something a little more versatile. I'll go used, and I plan on doing decent sized shows with it.
Well, I don't know any of these bands, but you said hardcore and pop-punk so I guess I get an idea. You have a bunch of options with a $1000 or a little more.

Randall RM50, you'll be able to swap out modules to get the sounds you want. The XTC and Treadplate can probably get the sounds you want alone.

Modded JSX, this thing is a complete steal. This will be able to cover all your grounds and them some.

You might want to look into Orange Rockerverbs, Mark III/IV heads, or try to find an RM100. They can be found loaded for under $100, and empty for $500.