Have Weed, Will Travel - Travel to another town exclusively for weed.
EZ Baked - Make weed cookies/brownies.
Flying Ninja - Smoke outside on a roof or awning at night.
Nug Ninja - Blaze atop a Restricted building.
Day Walker - Smoke outside in public during the day.
Smooth Criminal - Smoke with a cop in the vicinity.
White Collar Crime - Smoke while walking a dog, in a suburban neighborhood.
Fruit Roll-Up - Buy each different taste of wraps, roll a joint for each kind, then smoke.
Doctor's Orders - Get a permit for medical marijuana.
Pearls Before Swine - Successfully conduct a sale or purchase of marijuana while a police officer is in the vicinity.
Determined - Complete a tolerance break of at least two weeks.
Perseverance - Complete a tolerance break of a month or more.
Rehab - Successfully take 3 shots of vodka in between pipe hits without coughing.
Woodstock - Smoke freely at an outdoor music festival.
Eldorado - Smoking a Bowl of Acapulco Gold.
Fire-pit - Saving the roaches from 10 dank joints and putting them into one big joint sprinkled with hash.
SRS Business - Printing Life size poster of Stoner Achievements list with check boxes next to them and completing every last one.
One Ring to Rule Them All - Blow a perfect smoke ring.
Prometheus - Supply a lighter to a friend in need.
Friends with Benefits - Smoke with at least 6 people you know at the same time.
Arctic Fires - Smoking Northern Lights.
Jacking Off - Jack Herrer + Haze in a blunt.
Fruit of the Loom - Smoking Blueberry (any strain), Mango Kush, Strawberry (any strain), Pineapple (any strain) in a Hookah with at least one other stoner.
Summon Shenlong - Have a Green Dragon.
Passing the Knowledge - Smoke before class.
The Bad Choice - Smoking right before a BBQ.
Cornucopia - Cook an entire thanksgiving dinner, including stuffing, while high.
The Rick Moranis - Watch all of the Honey I Shrunk the Kids movies, Space Balls, and Ghost busters 1 in a row, smoking a new session for each movie, adding an extra bowl to each session.
Chillin with Jimi - Smoke Purple Haze while listening to Hendrix.
Finishing Spidey's Work - Smoke Green Goblin.
Medicine Man - Selling 3 or more strains of Cali medical at once.
Doctors Without Borders - Selling weed and then moving onto ADDITIONALLY providing other substances at the same time.
Keep it Tight - Roll a blunt that lasts 20+ minutes.
The Mummy - Smoking a blunt without an outer leaf and use rolling papers instead.
Dishonest Doobie - Smoking a joint wrapped in an outer leaf.
Rugged Smoker - Take and smoke with you on a hiking trip/camping trip/etc.
I'm on a Boat - Smoke on a yacht.
The Sloth - Wake up, wake and bake, and any time you sense you are getting less stoned, you get high again, or just keep getting higher and higher all day. You sit around and watch TV or eat things, and it is not permitted to go outside unless it is only on your porch or into your backyard.
The Joker - You and your friends laugh so hard you can't take a hit for more than a minute.
The Camberwell Carrot - Roll a joint utilizing no less than 12 papers.
Employee of the Month - Smoking up while at work.
Goldfish Award - Fish-bowling/clam-baking/hot-boxing your car till you can't see ****.
True Hotboxer - Hot-boxing in a sauna/steam-room (shower not allowed) then getting out and feeling the "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."
The Terry Schiavo - Smoke an 8th in 8 minutes or less.
MacGyver - Create a smoking device using only household materials.
Michael Phelps - Swim in a pool while high.
Henry David Thoreau - Smoke away from civilization in nature.
The Ladies' Man - Smoke out 2 or more girls at once without any other guys there. (male achievement)
DICKS EVERYWHERE - Smoke out 2 or more guys at once without any other girls there. (female achievement)
Groovy - Listen to only 60's music while blazing.
Malcolm in the Middle - Be a middle man between your dealer and a friend.
Humble Pie - Corner the bowl when offered greens.
Down the Rabbit Hole - Watch Alice in Wonderland while stoned.
Climb the Ladder - Meet your dealer's dealer.
Han Solo - Enjoy a relaxed night smoking by yourself.
Nostalgic - Re-discover a childhood joy while high.
St. Nick - Smoke on top of your, or a friends rooftop.
Carl Sagan - Stargaze while stoned out of your gourd.
Appetizer - Smoke while in line at a drive-thru.
Boy Meets World - Successfully move out of your parents house without them ever catching you smoking.
Spielberg - Form an entire movie plot in your head while stoned.
John Wayne - Smoke at a scenic spot and watch the sunset.
MOVE THAT BUS! - Decorate a room while high.
Toy Story - be high in a children's toy store.
Manny Ramirez - Smoke before playing baseball.
The Joys of Parenting - Smoke herb you've grown yourself.
Ah Grasshopper - Smoke up a teacher/professor.
420 Challenge - Smoke 4.20 grams yourself without leaving your seat.
High As a Kite - Smoke pot and fly a kite.
How Romantic! - Smoke on a first date.
The Entertainer - Smoke before going out on stage.
Phi Kye Timetogethigh - Smoke in a frat house.
Ahhhnold! - Go the the gym high.
Norman Rockwell - Smoke before eating with the family.
HIGH, FAMILY! - Go to a family reunion blazed.
Lol **** - Go to a drama/adventure/romance movie in theaters completely blazed.
The Cat's Meow - Smoke out a cat successfully.
Wheel and Deal - Sell at least an ounce of weed in a 24 hour period.
Lucky! - Find some bud you didn't know you [still] had and smoke it.
The Pro-Marijuana Lobby - Get high on the steps of a capital building.
Groupie Status - Smoke up a musician backstage at a concert.
The Collector - Collect at least 10 pieces.
Seedy... - Collect at least 4g of seeds and plant them.
Collect the Dragonballs - Make a gallon of green dragon from old stems.
Firefly - Use up a fresh lighter in a day by yourself.
Fire at the Multiplex - Smoke in a theater.
Honor Student - Smoke in a school area while kids are playing.
Smart Shopping - Go impulse shopping while baked.
Pretty Sneaky - Smoke in the same room as a authority figure of any kind.
Boxed Out - without smoking get high in a hot boxed area.
Dedicated Few - Smoke with a group of few friends for 4 months straight every day.
Mind Over Matter - Take a 12 gram blunt to the face.
Zombie - Become so baked that your motor skills are completely dismissed.
When Life Gives You Lemons.... - Smoke every kind of weed substitute.
Respect for Thee... - In honor of someone smoke a ounce with one other person.
When the Clock Strikes - Smoke weed when ever it is 4 20 anywhere in the world for a week.
Joints a Blazing - Get over 30 people in one house to smoke their own joint.
Wrecking Ball - Get a gigantic steam roller and get everyone around you wrecked off one bowl pack.
Finish the Plate - Pack a bowl with all the available weed you have.
Clash of the Titans - Get 2 people who hate each other to smoke together.
A Walk in the Park - Smoke a joint in a heavily populated park without getting caught.
I'm Impressed... - Smoke weed walking through a city besides the village.
Welcome to the Jungle - Grow 10 4 foot tall plants.
This is Happy* - Smoke till you can't feel feelings anymore.
Crowd Pleaser - Out hit everyone you smoke with.
Man of the Hour - Be the last person to come down.
Conquistador - Do something you normally would be too scared to do high.
Every Man for Himself - Everyone gets there own weed and they smoke together each having their own individual joint, blunt, bong,piece to smoke out of.
Health Conscious - Own a digital vaporizer.
Elephant in the Room - Smoke with someone who weighs more than 300 pounds.
Executive Suite - Smoke in a swanky hotel room.
Lost in Space - Smoke while watching MST3K.
Good Samaritan - Find weed in public. (in a parking lot, etc.)
Cruelty Free - Make vegan edibles.
Apple of Eden - Smoke out of an apple.
Like Father Like Son - Smoke out a parent.
Triple Six Club - Smoke three blunts and six joints in one session.
Mona Lisa Overdrive - Get blazed on the highway while driving.
Major Tom - Get high while in outer space.
Green is Green - Pay for a service or item with a nug.
Supra Hasheesha - Distill your own hash, add honey and flavor to make it into a sheesha, and smoke through a water pipe or hookah.
Medic - Smoke out a sick friend/family member.
Girl Scout - Sell homemade edibles.
Ground Control - Help out a friend who gets too blitzed.
Lola - Smoke with a tranny/trap.
Tin man - Use tin foil in a homemade piece.
Gipetto - Design and make a stuffed toy / puppet / robot / figurine while high.
Vintage - Smoke out of a piece at least 30 years old.
Farmer in the Dell - Grow your own outside.
Counter Insurgency - Discover and harvest a guerrilla grow.
Budder me up - Take a budder hit.
American Beauty - Smoke with a friend's parent.
NEVAR FORGET - Smoke at 9/11 ground zero.
The Italian Job - Eat an entire large pizza by yourself while high.
The Early Bird - Wake and bake every day for a month.
Chemical Warfare - Smoke a bowl from a gas mask hooked up to a bong.
March Hare - Make weed tea that actually gets you high.
Big Lebowski - Go bowling with friends when high.
Citizen Kane - Become at least locally famous for your work in legalization politics.
Mike Mulligan - Dig up some greens in what was thought to be a finished bowl.
Green Ranger - Call greens on 10 bowls in a row.
Straight to the floor - Fall asleep right after taking a hit.
Raise and Blaze Weekdays - Wake and bake every day for a week.
You Will, DIE! - Smoke moldy weed.
In Soviet Russia - Burn or singe yourself while trying to light a bowl.
SHAZAM! - Smoke in a lightning storm.
Battle of Wills - Smoke somebody out until they can't keep smoking.
Here Comes the Sun - Smoke outside when it's over 90 degrees.
The Chosen Few - Form a close clique of pot smoking friends.
Surf 'N' Turf – Smoke on a beach.
Soak and Toke - Smoke a bong while taking a bubble bath.
Christopher Columbus – Smoke out at a campfire.
Reefer Fiend - Smoked more than 10 joints in a day.
The Snack that Smiles Back -Smoke from a bong with a live goldfish in the water.
Down, boy! - Get a pet cat, dog, or other mammal high using second-hand smoke.
Time Traveler - Get so high that you sleep for more than 24 consecutive hours.
I Don't Even... - Smoke from something made of at least 6 feet of tape.
Peace Pipe - Settle a fight with a friend over a bowl.
Taste Buds - Take a mouth bong hit.
Need a Light? - Hold the flame over someone else's bowl for them.
Garden Gnome - In broad daylight, sit in the middle of your front yards garden and smoke a gram from a bong.
Eyes Open Toked - Take a hit with your eyes open for the first time.
Frasier - Smoke weed while drinking wine.
Double-Jointed - Smoke a joint the size of two regular joints.
Triple OG - Smoke a blunt while sipping hard liquor.
Pocky - Smoke weed while watching a genuine Japanese anime.
Oktaku - Marathon a season of a given Anime series with a blunt / joint / bowl for each disk.
Hentai - get high then watch animated Japanese porn.
Glass Tax - Smoke from a glass pipe.
Kingpin - Smoke a fat blunt.
Neuton's Law - Smoke from a Gravity bong.
Chong Would be Proud - Smoke from a bong.
A Canon! - Smoke from a Steam Roller.
BRB, Moon - Use a vaporizer.
Commitment - Buy a $150 or more piece.
Bloodshot - Get an ID photo taken while high. Bonus points if it’s an official document: Passport, driver's license, government department employee ID etc.
Not so Green Now! - Buy weed from a dealer without ANY assistance from friends.
Fat Sack - Buy an ounce.
Just Croisin', Man - Walk around your neighborhood smoking weed from a croissant.
Stoners Delight - Combine 4 canned foods in your pantry to make a superfood. Extra points go to the obscurity of the combination.
Medieval Times - Buy some weed with coins only.
Higher Learning - Go to college lectures baked.
Higher Education - Take a class at Oaksterdam
Feels Good Man - Have sex while high.
Grasslete - Compete in a sport, stoned.
Kick It Up a Notch - Cook something while baked.
Iron Chef - Cook a full meal for several people while baked.
Ebert and Roeper - Watch 50 movies while high with a friend.
Respect Your Elders - Smoke out someone older than you.
Hide in Plain Sight - Smoke in a public place.
Stoner Olympics - Start with a joint, move on to a pipe, then a bong, a knifer, and finish off with a massive gravity bong hit. Replace one item with vaporizer if available.
Bronze Medalist - Complete the Stoner Olympics in less than 10 minutes.
Silver Medalist - Complete the Stoner Olympics in less than 7 minutes.
Gold Medalist - Complete the Stoner Olympics in less than 4 minutes.
Platinum - Earn ‘Gold Medalist’. Now, beat your best time.
Green Medalist - Complete the Stoner Olympics in under 150 seconds.
Where is My Mind - Go on a roller coaster high.
One Asian, One Indian, One Adventure - Smoke with some friends and find your way to a White Castle. You’re pretty cool if you can match the races.
“It’s a Sidewalk!!” - Park on a sidewalk while blazed.
What are Those Goddamn Animals*! - Go to the zoo stoned.
“How Much for the Ape*” - Buy something you don’t need because you’re stoned.
“Running Water, Hear my Cry” - Smoke weed in the shower while your whole family is in the room next door and no locks on the bathroom door.
Giving Nature a Hand - Find a hole somewhere that some rodent or snake possibly lives in, bonus if you followed a rodent back there hole. Blow smoke in said hole.
Starving Artist - Create a piece of art while blazed.
Receding Hairline - Burn hair while taking a hit.
Diversify - Smoke in a circle with at least 5 people of different nationalities.
The Author - Write or post a worthy story while baked.
Good to the Last Drop - Volunteer to take the last hit when offered.
Fiendin' - Scrape all your pieces for resin.
Squeezing Water from a Stone - Smoke a bowl of resin.
Katamari - Roll a resin ball in grinder kief and smoke it.
Duped - Pass the bong, and someone else unknowingly clears your stale hit.
Frosty - Using freshly fallen snow in a bong.
Ice Age - Roll a joint/pack a bowl and smoke it outside while it's snowing.
The Heartbreaker - Unintentionally break five glass pieces in your lifetime. You fail.
Three Feet High and Rising - Murder a young girl and use her skull as a bong.
Incoming! - Have a seed explode in a lit joint or blunt.
Butterfly - Smoke in a summer meadow.
Nostalgia - Rediscover a childhood joy while baked.
The Stone(d) Age - Smoke a bowl using only matches and a stone piece
The Cake is a Lie - Discover mold within your weed.
Factory Worker - Listen to Industrial music non-stop while high.
Power Outage - Listen to acoustic music non-stop while high.
White Flag - Inhale a hit from your mouth to your nose.
Pay it Forward - Smoke out 2 people at the same time.
Family Guy - Smoke weed with someone from your immediate family.
Roach Exterminator - Smoke a full bowl with the weed from roaches.
Switch Hitter - Be so high that you accidentally hit the wrong side of the joint/blunt.
High as the Starlight - Listen to MUSE's Black holes and Revelations completely while high.
Fire in the Hole! - Smoke from a bong without using ice or water
Fear Factor - Eat 5 roaches.
Energizer Bunny - Listen, while high, to a fully-charged portable music player long enough that the batteries die but you do not fall asleep.
Heaven or Hell - Green out then get higher than you were when you got sick. Vomiting due to other drugs does not count towards this achievement.
Hashshashin - Smoke hash on a rooftop while keeping vigilant watch.
To the Dome - Create a device with which you can inhale smoke directly through your nostrils.
The Pugilist - get in a fight while high, and win.
Bat - Smoke Enjoy a complete joint while hanging upside down from a tree branch.
A Friend with Weed - Smoke up 5 friends and get smoked up by five friends.
Lucky Number 7 - Smoke 7 packed bowls consecutively in one sitting to yourself.
The Breath Taker - Marathon a 1g joint by yourself in less than 5 minutes.
Quadriplegic - Smoke 4 joints at the same time and finish them all.
Hit and Run - Keep yourself fit by smoking on a treadmill.
All Along The Watchtower - Smoke from a 5+ foot bong.
Little Friend - Smoke with a little person.
Humanitarian - Smoke up someone with medical problems. i.e. cancer, m.s., cerebral palsy etc.
Super Pimp - Get someone so high that you instantly hook up.
Do You Want Fries With That? - Buy a QP.
Ghostbuster - Hold a hit for so long, you blow out no smoke.
Vesuvius - Use a volcano vaporizer.
Apprentice Engineer - Make a bong out of things you find in your shed.
Master Engineer - Make a bong out of things found only in your kitchen.
Ganja Guru - Smoke an ounce in the span of a day.
Intruder Alert - Smoke in someone's yard/house/shed that you do not know, without their permission.
IMDB - Watch 400 movies while high.
Pwnerer - Beat all your friends at a video game while baked.
I Know Kung-Fu - Take a hit and do a backflip.
The Music Man - Have a smoking playlist of at least 250 songs.
MacGuyver's Kid - Make a piece out of a straw a toothpick, and a paperclip, and tinfoil.
Is There A Problem, Officer? - Talk to an officer of the law while high.
Fight Fire with Fire - Smoke yourself sober.
Dissapearing Act- Smoke your whole bag while driving around.
Survivorman - Bake out a tent.
Travelin' Man - Smoke in at least three different states.
Strike-out! - Take a hit, a shot, chug a beer, exhale.
The Aristocrat - Smoke a wooden pipe while wearing two or more of waistcoat, monocle and tophat.
The Aristocrats - Now convince your stupid friends to do it with you.
The Shaman - Smoke up and enjoy the high in a cave, a Native American teepee, a forest, next to stone age rock paintings, you get the idea, etc.
The Viking - Smoke up on any manpowered watercraft.
Drink It Like Water - Make a Jamaican Smoothie.
Natural Resources - Have a gravity or waterfall bong hit using a lake, stream, river etc.
Botanist - Roll and smoke a tulip.
Against All Odds - Smoke while under probation.
The Hat Trick - Jack 3 lighters in one session.
Uncle Jack - Smoke a bong using Jack Daniels as the bongwater.
Grandpa Jack - Smoke a bong using Jack Daniels as the bongwater. After you've finished the bowl, do shots of the bongwater.
Shoot 'em up - Give a shotgun to more than 5 people in a row.
Iron Man - Smoke in a circle with blunts going around equal to at least half of the people.
Hungry Man - Eat something with weed/hash in it then smoke weed stronger than the weed/hash you baked with.
BRB, Mars - Smoke a full bowl of kief.
Megaton Press - Press a tab of kief.
Galileo - Smoke out of a telescope.
Don Quixote - Convince someone you are someone else while smoking.
Ghandi - Smoke at least 2 grams to yourself and consume no food during your trip.
Musician at Heart - Smoke from a piece made using any part of any instrument.
Mr. America - Smoke in all 50 states.
Promised Land - Smoke a joint while walking through Jerusalem.
Gentlemen! - Puff ten or more joints at the same time.
Boom Shankar - Smoking with an actual Sadhu in India.
The Professor - Delivering a lecture while stoned.
Woodsmith - Smoke out of a pipe you whittled yourself.
Coyote - Shipped or brought weed over national borders.
Charm +1 - Get busted smoking weed by the cops, and talk your way out of it.
Why Hello There - Meet your boyfriend's/girlfriend's parents high.
Super Cool Story Bro - Tell a story while high and forget the ending.
Now THATS A Tip - Smoke out a delivery person who brought you food.
One Mans Trash... - Get your weed from your dealer in something unconventional, like a garbage bag or discarded food wrapper.
Bubbleyum - Smoke some Bubblegum strain.
Scavenger - Get high on resin alone for a week.
All Day, Baby... All Day - Roll enough joints to continously smoke marijuana for an entire day. You must never stop smoking during this period.
Getting Motivated - Smoke at your school, in between classes.
Cashed - Work an entire shift of your job high.
Boulder - Go to Boulder, Colorado for the Legendary 420 Celeabration
It's... Beautiful! - Take a macro picture of your weed.
Joint Genocidist - Smoke 53,595 joints.
They can't hear you, but they can smell ya - Smoke out a deaf person.
Lil Wayne - smoke a fat blunt dipped in cough syrup.
Juelz Santana - Smoke 3 fat blunts dipped in cough syrup.
Elementary, my dear Watson - Solve a mystery while high using a sherlock bubbler
J Dilla - produce a hip-hop beat while high
Teen Titans - assemble a group of teenage friends each with their own homemade pieces & cannabis and get high
Justice League - assemble a group of adult friends each with different types of pieces (bong, pipe, bubbler, etc) and get high
Ace of Cakes - bake a THC infused rainbow cake.
Lost Odyssey - beat an RPG game while high
Reefer Madness - get high and exclusively listen to music from the 1930's
Rope Adventure - find a rope and climb out the window...
Man of the People - Open a dispensary
Members Only - Open a Cannabis Club
420/20 Vision - Toke up before going to the eye doctor
Dial C for Chronic - Call your boss high and tell him you're too sick to come in
World of WeedCraft - Sell your World of WarCraft account and spend all of the earnings on weed.
The King of Irony - You and 2 or more friends pull into a rehab parking lot and hot box in a car.
The Ounce Challenge - You and another person go against another team of two. Both teams are given an ounce. Whichever team finishes their ounce first wins another ounce.
Incog-weed-o - Convert one common household item into a piece of smoking apparatus.
Sacrificial Virgin - Accidentally destroy a glass smoking piece before you have a chance to use it.
Native Waters - As an adult, return to and smoke in your childhood home.
Bat Country - Smoke in the middle of the desert, completely away from human civilization.
Blockade Runner - Make it through a security checkpoint/police search with your weed intact.
Lord Of War - Rank top on the server of an online FPS while totally baked.
Dr. Giggles - Provide first aid to a fellow stoner while both of you are high.
Cupid's Green Arrow - Meet a future love interest through weed.
"Tell Me About The ****ing Golf Shoes" - Go into a casino completely baked.
Pocahontas - Feed a wild animal while high.
The Thing - Smoke out in a walk-in freezer.
Nature Child - Smoke while nude.
Garden Of Eden - Smoke while nude, with a member of the opposite sex.
Gene Splicer - Attempt to conceive a child while high.
+10 Difficulty - Play an RPG while high.
Minute Man - Hold a bong hit in for an entire minute.
Dude, Wheres my Food* - Successfully eat up all the food in your friends house while high.
Lord of the Bongs - Own more than 5 different non-homemade pieces. Can be bongs, pipes, bubblers,etc.
S on my Chest - Superman a roach.
High Roller - Roll 15 blunts in one day.
The Variety Show - Smoke at least 3 different strains of weed in one sitting.
Hitler's Favorite - Smoking all day on the 20th of April.
Kottonmouth King - Smoke 5 bowls without anything to drink.
Out of this world - Take 10 gravity bong hits in less then a minute.
Mile High Club - Smoke one mile off the ground.
Weedeater2k - Consume 2000 items of cannabinized food.
The Evil Knievel - Smoke on top of a car with a friend driving you around.
Sacred Ground - Smoking weed in Amsterdam.
The Guru - In a single hit, inhale a joint puff, a blunt puff, a bong hit and a gravity bong hit (May be substituted with Reverse Gravity.)
Vacuum - Smoke a complete joint in one hit.
Godhand - Roll a blunt (from a pre-rolled cigar) with only your left hand in the dark and then smoke it.
Big Plans - Buy more than a pound.
Marathon Man - Spend 12 hours, awake on a single piece of furniture. Weed must be consumed, every hour, for all 12 hours.
Krakatoa - Smoke a volcano modified with a custom 5 foot bag.
The Wizard - Convert any old nerd nostalgic item into a piece i.e.: Lightsaber, N64 Controller, EZ Bake Oven, Super Soaker, Nerf Gun, etc.
I thought this was gonna be a thread showing all the people that got weeded out...
You can call me Aaron.

Out on parole, any more instances of plum text and I get put back in...
and more.
There is a war going on for your mind.

If you are thinking, you are winning.

Resistance is victory.

We are building up a new world.
Do not sit idly by.

Seriously, man, nobody wants to read all that.
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Great, now every time I smoke I'm gonna see this

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I you for posting this.

<-- Pretty much sums me up


^ I was there
You, sir, have smoked all together too much weed.
Signatures are overrated.
After reading this I have reevaluated my life. My goals are only to fulfill this entire list by the time im 50.
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You, sir, have smoked all together too much weed.

You sir, can never smoke too much weed.
What the hell is an achiement list?
Do you feel warm within your cage?

And have you figured out yet -

Life goes by?
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It's you
I read through all of it, and have done a few of these. Probably 1 in 20. Really oughtta print this out.
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You sir, can never smoke too much weed.

you sir, stole the words from my mouth.
i've done most of the reasonable things on this list, but some of them are too preposterous to really expect anyone to do lol
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