in your opinion would it be incredibly disrespectful to transition into another song right before a different song ends. in my case, we would like to do under the bridge by rhcp, and since as backup singers we would completely ruin the choir singing at the end, we would like to transition into something else right before that. but a member of the band believes that this is terribly disrespectful and refuses to do so. opinions?
in my opinion its not an abomination, but by the same token im a cover *****, my belief stands that if you're gunna cover it do it right, so if you cant sing the choir part at the end, find a differant cover. just my 2 cents tho.

but to answer your question no i dont think its "that" bad.
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i personally think thatd be neat, a fade into another song, kinda like a medley? *even though its only between two songs* I dont find it disrespectful at all, but thats my opinion
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It's just a medley, big deal.
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