ok so i jsut got back from guitar center and bought a seagull entourage s6. played around for 2 hours. i found this breedlove and it was between a breedlove and the seagull and of course i got the seagull because the highs were more pronounced and ya. the neck is better. though shorter it has it advantages.

kidna scared cuz im the first one to play the seagull.. right out of the box so im wondering if the brightness was due to knew strings.

but anyway. ya amazing guitar...dad offered to get a taylor but. i didnt wanna waste money. the 50 taylor and the seagull were about matched. the taylor was i think spruce so it was brighter. but i kinda like cedar since its warmness.

i would be playing but its 10 over here and people sleeping so i dont wanna wake people up. but ya. thnx for all the help!.
Ummm...your rather vague post is confusing me.
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i realize the longshot that is. little giant to humongous one.

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me, too - but congrats on your new seagull

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Ummm...your rather vague post is confusing me.