Say I had a subwoofer available, would I be able to rig up an input jack to it and use it as an amp? I'm assuming I'd probably need a head too, but would it be possible as a ghetto amp? I think my brother's old subwoofer is in the garage gathering dust.
probably not a good idea. it'd work, but it's a matter of how long. recorded music is heavily compressed while live music has very little to no compression. the peaks in live playing could very well end up damaging the speaker.

Subs just aren't built for live sound.
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car subs and most other home theater subs do not have the ability to produce the definition required for a bass guitar. In other words it'll sound like mud
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It would sound like a bunch of thumping, like when those Hondas drive by with huge subs blasting rap to where the car rattles and it ends up sound terrible.
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My honda does that ....anyway yea sub doesn't have enough definition to play anything clearly and probably won't pick on too many notes above your open A string. If you're just bored you could try it, but the odds are against it having anything near a quality sound
i dont think it could get the treble you would need
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Subs aren't meant to be standalone. They are for bi-amping to them and full range speakers.
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It will work, but it will be hard to get much definition out of it.
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What I used to do was play out of an old DVD player surround sound system. it had the sub plus other stuff, so I got the definition. Very little control over the EQ, though, except from the onboard on my bass.