I have had a dsp2024p Virtualizer Pro in my house for a while and I decided to add it to my rack for live shows. I see that the fcb1010 is only footswitch compatible with it and I have no problem buying it but, I need to know something first. Can I save the presets on it, and be able to not worry about it clearing, and would it be saving the info on the pedal or the dsp2024p? Also, I want to be able to control the bypass and volume, can I set the pedals for that? I think that's about it for now, any help would be great..
Also, can I organize all the loops with out going through the computer? I haven't messed with midi controls that much. I rather just deal with the rack and pedal.
i own one mate, lets see if i can help you.
it is a good solid and reliable pedal, however it is a bit tricky to program without the aid of computer software. all the software can be found at the yahoo fcb1010 group. there is **** loads of info there on the pedal man, it helps alot.