ok, so i just installed an 81, and an 85, whats new huh? and after i installed them, i put a string on to see if they were working, they were, strung it up, and it just doesn't sound right. i have absolutely no cleans at all. i can cycle through my digitech rp350, and only the presets that are super high on gain you can hear anything. anything that isn't boosted, you can't hear a thing. its the same when i bypass that and go straight to the amp. if i put the amp on the solo channel its fine, doesn't sound great, but it works. they definitely don't seem as high output as i expected. my stock jackson humbuckers sounded better. if i go to the clean, absolutely nothing. i have to turn the amp ALL the way up.

now i'm sure i installed these correctly, i went back and triple checked what i did with the instrucitons, and i can't figure out a single difference. could it be a faulty set of pickups? could i actually have done something wrong?

btw, it went into a jackson king v
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And you did install the 25k pots?
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yeah i just replaced the battery. that didnt help at all.

its badenough, that while its picking up distortion,it won't pick up the fact that im tapping. or hammering on
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And you did install the 25k pots?

ya, installed the 25k pots that came with
are the quick connect to the pups on correctly? try flipping them over
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