I finally got around to recording guitar...here's a short riff I made up on the spot. Tell me if there's anything that needs improvement; I'm new to this recording stuff! I'd also appreciate any suggestions on how I should develop this into a full-length song.

"Metal Riff"
I can't wait till my fro is full grown.
What program do you use for the drum tracks?
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I actually really like the drums! Did you create the drum patterns yourself?
Needs crunchy solo. I think. And expand the riff more, find some advanced chords to play or make some up on your own. That's what I do.
For the drums, I used the EZDrummer Drumkit from Hell. I just dropped in one of the preset patterns and fills, didn't make the pattern. The software is really useful, though!
I can't wait till my fro is full grown.