is it worth getting a small valve amp for a practice amp ie 5-10 watts since i have a valve stack already for giggin and band practice or should i just get a small ss amp to practice on ?

oh also looking to change my pups in my epi les paul play blues classic rock and hard rock so any suggestions on what pups to put in it
I'd say get the SS and tolerate the tone difference. Put what you save into the new pups.
Blues, Classic and Hard yells IronGear Hot Slags or maybe a Rolling Mill or Blues Engine in the neck.
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What's the amp you've got at the moment? Unless it's a really heavy head you could always buy a small 1x12" cab and use it at home.

If you play blues rock I imagine you'd like a low-wattage amp so you can overdrive it by turning up the master - however at home, even 5W is too loud to really do this!

If you just want a cheap, decent sounding practice rig I'd go for the Vox VT15/VT30 without hesitation. Or possibly just set up amp software on my PC, Revalver especially has some of the best tone you can get at bedroom volume.
just now for giggin and practice i am using a marshall tsl 60 head and a 1936 vintage marshall cab for home use i have a old marshall vs100 its ok at middle volume but at low and high volumes it sounds pretty crappy