The nut on my Squier P-Bass broke a few months back, part of it snapped off at the G string. Tonight, I decided I wanted to fix it so I could begin to play it again, as my current bass needs some TLC that I can't do while using it as my main bass.

I normally buy my replacement hardware stuff off of Stew-Mac, but I wanted to get this done this weekend, so I could possibly use it a show tomorrow night. I looked at Guitar Center's website and saw that Fender made a replacement for there American P-Bass and I wanted to see if anybody knew these two things:

1) Are these standard things that most Guitar Center's stock? Ive got 2 around me that I could hit up.
2) Would this be usable for my Squier without any major modifications? I think so, but its been so long since I've done anything like this.

I'll probably be hitting them up in the morning when they open, and I'll bring my current one, even though its snapped, to size up against in its package if they have one in stock.
I would probably bring your bass with you so that you can be positive about the fit.

That being said its a pretty good useful skill to learn how to make your own nuts. All you need is a blank, some sandpaper, and a couple of files in the size of the strings you use. Granted this wouldn't help you in this situation as the first couple take a fair amount of time and they don't usually turn out that well anyways.
They should sell a replacement nut in your local guitar shop, obviously it will require some sanding and filing though, but its definatly doable before tommorow night.
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