Does anyody use them anymore? Like is there a need. (I'm not talking about big bands like Megadeth that have walls of stacks - though some are just props) but for bands that play bars and clubs or even medium sized indoor venues. Is there a need for a full stack when the sound guy mics ur amp at these venues? Also is there a sound difference if you have a straight/straight instead of straight/slant.
And one more... if you're recording and you place the mic by your speakers if you have a FS do you mic both the top and bottom, or do you only use mike one of them or do you record only using a single cab?

Forgive me for being a noob at this. I've only ever had little 50 watt combo amps and I play gigs with these (thankfully they're miced) and i'm saving up for more power but I don't want to blow my money on a FS if I'm never gonna use it. Thanks.
If your gig is miced you dont need a full stack. Angled cabs are good if you want to project the sound upwards (hence the upward slant).
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You'll be fine with a half stack mate, definitely no need for a full stack. I've been mic'd everywhere I've played, most of the time the audience will be hearing whats coming through the PA, the front row might get some of your amp, but it's mainly for you to hear yourself.
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You don't NEED one.

But hey, chicks go nuts for full stacks =P
I'll be using one as soon as I can afford it, I know I don't need it, but I want it.

Edit: Using my 100watt halfstack, even though it only uses 10" speakers, I could easily play small - medium sized gigs without micing.
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Full stack = completely unnecessary for any small - medium sized gig, but no doubt fun to play out of, lol.

Stick with a half stack if you're going for the stack sound, unless money is not a problem.
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There is definately no need to mic both cabs. Most of the time, they only even mic one speaker of the four in a cab. Think about the hassle a full stack brings... It needs a lot of storage space, it weighs tons to move around, it doesn't make it that much louder, or any louder at all.

so you really wouldn't need a full stack. imo, save the extra 900$ from the cab to buy a better head .
The only time I could see having one being necessary is if you were a massive audiophile and wanted like 8 different kinds of differently voiced speakers to get a certain unique sound...

Or if you're trying to project sound over a huge area unmic'd.

Otherwise they're a luxury.
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I can't see one ever being neeeded.

But by god would I have one if I could afford it right now.
I technically own a full stack, but I would never take it to a show, that's ridiculous.

More than likely, I'd just use my Vetta Combo and run the XLR outs directly to the sound board and then just position the amp to use as a monitor
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