So I decided to buy an electro-acoustic guitar, and have 2 favourites (takamine eg361sc and washburn wd32sce) , i dont know which is better... in my country price is the same. Can you give me an advice?
Here is a takamine http://www.takamine.com/?fa=detail&mid=1982&sid=524
and here washburn http://www.washburn.com/acoustics/wd32-series/#wd32sce
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Have you tried either one of them? If not, you should.
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I haven't enough skills to say which is better YET, that why i'm asking which guitar to buy...
i haven't played either, but they both have solid tops, laminate back and sides. not all laminate guitars are equal - and that's an important thing to keep in mind. also at this price range, you aren't looking at great quality guitars, but let's see what we can find out.

the washburn has mahogany back and sides, a 1.7" nut width and the Buzz Feiten tuning system, which some people like. it also has a compensated saddle, which is a good thing. mahogany is a very popular wood with a lot of players.

the eg361sc has rosewood back and sides. i prefer rosewood as it has - to me - a darker, richer tone. i can't find the nut width listed anywhere (takamine tends not to share this info), but taks are often a little narrower - not always, but often. a wider nut is often better for fingerpicking, larger hands and those with arthritis or tendonitis.

you don't mention what country you're in - which makes a big difference on what guitars are available. you also don't mention what kind of music you want to play, which might be handy to know. i'm wondering how important a cutaway is to you, since you can get better quality guitars for a lower price without the cutaway.
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If you have stores available, it can be well worth the extra 10% or so you may pay over catalog prices to have the opportunity to play and try out the actual guitar you'll be taking home before buying it. Buying guitars through mail order, especially acoustics, is really a crap shoot.

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