well, i have 2 choices in mind for a new guitar (beginner)

first is ESP MH-50 http://www.jrrshop.com/images/images_big/espmh50.jpg (dont know how to embed)
MH-50 is $449 AU

second is ESP AX-50 http://cachepe.samedaymusic.com/media/quality,85/brand,sameday/AX-50_BLKS_08-a83ecba34babc15906a73736b251c285.jpg
AX-50 is $499 AU

both look good (i prefer AX-50 looks though, just)
read some reviews on UG, seems as though they are on par, but just wanting some more opinions

If I HAD to get one of those two, it would be the AX as it has no trem.

However, if the trem isnt a must, I personaly would get the MH-50 but with a fixed bridge, ie, http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/74234
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Don't get either, the F-50 is a piece of junk too. You need to go out and try a guitar, I know you can't play one but you could get the feel of it. And finally don't get a guitar for looks, and since you are a beginner stay away from floyds and look for something versatile if you want to change your style.
If you HAVE to get one of those, get the MH-50. The AX-50 is not comfortable to play.

Also, avoid buying a guitar sheerly on looks. I know you a beginner, but always try the guitars before you buy them. And even try ones you don't like the look of, you may not like how they look, but you could love how they play.
they are the same guitar in basicly evry way. the MH has a floyed rose that is actually quite decent expecially considering its price. the flyed onthe mh50 doesent feel cheap at all it even locks on both sides.

the AX is slightly bigger wich would make it barely noticably bassyer or deeper in character but you will barely notice it.

overall i think the MH50 is the better value. your money goes to better hardware instead of a complicated body. for a first guitar i would not reccomend something so crazy like the AX
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They both suck, you could do much better with that money.
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Take a look at some of those
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Quote by falconthefirst
They both suck, you could do much better with that money.
Ibanez RG
Epiphone Les Paul/SG
Yamaha Pacifica

Take a look at some of those

This x1000

The Yamaha Pacifica 112V is one of the best starter guitars out there.
I would get the AX-50 mainly because I don't like having a floating bridge, but you can get a better guitar for the same price.
Out of only those two, it's really up to you.

You can get an MH without a trem, which would be ideal for a beginner guitar. I'll say that the AX series is actually fairly comfortable to play sitting down. I tried one and was impressed by how it just sat in my lap.

I'll also agree that looking into other options is a great idea. Depending on how you like your necks, the Ibanez RG321 is a great starter if you like thin necks.

Schecter's entry offerings aren't bad either, really (like the Omen 6).

In all honesty, I'd look around and weigh your options first.
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