this is a little instrumental, sort of funk/rock style.
recorded in our friends studio, about a month ago.
i play electric guitar in this one.
gear used:
-Fender Blues Deluxe amp
-Fender American strat
-EHX Big Muff pi
-Boss DS-1
-Dunlop 535Q wah wah

Bass player was plugged in straight to the computer, and added effects on the Q-base program.

Drums- Pretty good drum set, except for the **** cymbals which you will soon hear...hopefully

Please Give it a listen and tell me what you think either in this thread or just leave a comment in my profile. Thanks alot!

PS the song is on my profile
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lol ha. i really liked that actually.
first i was bleh about the sound.. direct bass seems to be the way to go usually but sometimes I'm not a fan.. but the bass sounded sweet nonetheless.
and when the guitar and drums came in it sounded quite fine. the guitar riff was simple and all but I liked it.
now, when the distortion came in.. for what you actually played was fine.. but your distortion didn't sound too great.. but looking at your gear.. I've used everything over there other than the Big Muff (for distortion) so I'm sure you could make it sound better.. maybe you wanted that sort of muddy, fuzzy, meshy, thin sound.
Not trying to be an ass. Just wasn't a fan of your distortion.
But overall I thought it was good. =P