probably been done a billion times, just a quickie

im just getting into Rush thanks to my cool dad
just wondering the following:

their most progressive & technical album
most straightforward rocky/metal album
popular album

thanks! ^__^
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haha i will eventually, my dad has them all, i just want to hear these ones first ^_^ ive listened to Test For Echo so far, really enjoyed it! and ive watched all of rush in rio incredible!
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cool ill whack em on my itunes now ^__^ what about cygnus? or hemispheres or whatever its called, the one wiht the red guy on lol
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yeah thats the one, cant belive the accoustic run at the start of la villa! crazy stuff. and im loving the old school Dr.Who style synth lol! thanks man
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2112 is probably their best album. also check out a farewell to kings, moving pictures, and permanent waves.
what about snakes and arrows?
i just picked it up from the library (the public library in my town is awesome) but i havent had time to listen yet, is it any good?


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here's what you do:

get Chronicles if you're completely new to them. it's a 2 disc "greatest hits" with music up until the 90's and offers a good scope of their music from the decades.

but if you want to jump into real albums, Moving Pictures, Signals, Permanent Waves and Snakes and Arrows i believe are absolute MUST haves...once you're done with those albums just go ahead and get everything else they've ever made i promise you it's all worth it.

EDIT: Snakes and Arrows, in my opinion, is this era's "Moving Pictures". it's one of most solid albums they've ever written and is most definitely worth the buy/download.
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Permanent Waves is the best IMHO

2112 and Hemispheres is close, but not as strong songs on it as PW.
Every Rush song is worht your time and Neil Pert kicks ass and just yeah listen to them all.

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