Thats right! Two new geetars! I should have had them yesterday, but there was a feck up at the bank meaning I was only able to withdraw the standard daily limit of £500, so I grabbed a nice 32 inch LG TV. Then today, after going back taking more ID, bla bla bla, got all the money.

And so here we have up first, the Jackson DK2M!

Tuned the Jackson to Eb, was sweating that I'd have to adjust the bridge, but it didn't budge, thankfully.

And then there is Ibanez RG1570

Sorry about the blur on the headstock photo, took with a crappy phone camera. I absolutely love the wizard neck on the RG. But the Jackson is my favourite out of the two, and was cheaper, the Seymour Duncans in the Jackson sound better than the Ibanez pickups (Which aren't as bad as people tend to make out) and the neck is magnificant. I thought that it'd be hard to beat the wizard neck, which I love, but the Jackson neck isn't too fat, and not too skinny, just in between, and perfect.

upper-fret access on both guitars is ace, and now I shall stop typing because I can't stop riffing out on the mother f'er!
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Nice man, you seem to have a ton of cash. I played A jackson like that once and it was nice. HNGD!!!

I don't anymore
HNGD. I love the first one - Played one at GC just didn't have the cash on hand at the time. Asking the better half for one for xmas!
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Pics of the TV!!!
Lets jump in a pool

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I don't anymore

Who needs cash when you have two beatiful guitars...
HNGD dude!!!!
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I think someone stole my Yu-Hi-Oh cards from my class draw when I was little.

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Who needs cash when you have two beatiful guitars...
HNGD dude!!!!

Haha yeah, they are totally worth the money.