Well, I have the music finished for a new song for my band, but we suck at writing at writing lyrics and I thought about what Cream did with Crossroads: wrote bluesy music, then added Robert Johnson lyrics that fitted.

Any thoughts? Could we do the same for this song-obviously we won't be getting into the habit but for just this one song?


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dont do it to a song that everyone knows and loves cuz if u screw it up people will hate you.
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Just try it. No one here can tell you whether it'll sound any good or not.

Keep in mind any legal issues though.
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Keep in mind any legal issues though.

well if u do it live and dont sell the recording of the show you wont run into legal trouble, but if u put the song on a cd or sell the dvd you could run into legal trouble.

Thats what I've been told not sure if it right or not
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Anyone can see a cover band for small $ usually any night of the week,which is what you're essentially doing,playing/almost playing someone else's material.Play your own stuff and stay true to that,if you get people to listen they'll be listening because they like the band's sound and the band's material.
No sewing machine jokes about use of the material word.
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...and it was EC's take on RJ's "Crossroads".A sound and style that Clapton's now almost got right on "Me and Mr. Johnson".
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