Ok well when I bought my new guitar with a floyd rose system they said that when it is in standard you could get away with tuning it to drop d and Eb standard. (tuning 1 string by a full step or all strings by a half a step)

If I'm in Drop C and if this rule is true that means I could get away with tuning it down all half steps to Drop B, tuning it up all half steps to Drop C#, or tuning the 6th string up a full step and I would get D Standard.

Plus if I'm in Drop C and I use a capo I could get to Drop C# and Drop D. And if I use a combination of these then I could go from Drop C to D Standard, use a capo and get Eb Standard and E Standard.

Would all this work? About 3 stores I went to told me this rule. If it's true, or if it applies to such a low tuning, could I use that rule, a capo, or a combination to reach that many tunings on a floyd rose?

Not saying I need to, I just wanna experiment with my guitar :P
yes, it can be done but....... you will rest frets from the end so I dont know if a drop c tuned guitar capo'd to e will be suitable for soloist stuff
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