I have:

Hardwire DL-8 delay/looper
Hardwire SC-2 valve distortion
Hardwire HT-2 tuner
Hardwire CR-7 chorus
Vox v847 reissue wahwah

How would I order them from amp > guitar?

Also, on another note, i just bought the vox but when i turn it on there is some buzzing and it sucks a little bit of tone, will I need to get the true bypass mod? If so, what do I need to buy?

A likely order would be tuner>wah>distortion>chorus>delay. A general rule is things like filters (wah, compressor) go early in the chain, then your distortion, and then time based effects like flanging, chorus and delay go towards the end.
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Does your amp have an effects loop?

Nope, just input.
H&K 25th anniversary edition tube. btw do i need to mod my vox?