Hi all im new to playing the guitar and im finding it hard to play the start of nirvana smells like teen spirit i mean i keep hitting strings that i should not be hitting. I think this is partly to do with being a noob at it but is there any tips you can give me reg pick technique ie how much pick should be showing and how much angle should i have on the pick when strumming and hitting single notes?? I find it hard also because i have broken my wrist when i was a child TWICE lol so my hand seems to ache and my pick seems to have a mind of its own , should i use alot of grip on the pick or should i just have hold of it lightly ????
I use 10 gauge and a .71mm pick

Any advise welcome cheers paul
Well, with training and practice this will obviously go away.

Are you having lessons?

About the pick, you should angle it so it isn't parallel with the string, angle towards the string a bit. Don't use too much of the pick to hit, that will hold up speed in the long run.
Hitting more strings than you want is normal for beginners. Just keep practicing SLOWLY, paying close attention to which strings you are playing and your technique and you will keep progressing.

As far as how much pick should be showing, in general, you would want to have no more than half the tip of the pick showing. But in this particular song, you are gonna be picking loudly and aggressively, so you'll want to get a good grip so you don't drop the pick and have about a quarter of the pick showing. How much of the pick is exposed is not as crucial to your playing as maintaining a good, comfortable grip on it. Beginners tend to hold the pick too tightly, remember to loosen up when you are playing, but not to the point of dropping your pick.

10 gauge is a good size string for beginners, they are easy on the fingers.

I would stick with a medium to hard pick.

Hope this helps. Keep practicing!
you have all of that gear and you are a beginner?
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Quote by KoenDercksen
Are you having lessons?

No not at the moment i was gonna try and teach myself or learn as much as i can anyway.

Quote by dNWaKE
you have all of that gear and you are a beginner?

Im what you call "all the gear no idea" i was after the metallica sound hence the items i have and i also thought if i get everything i need i have no excuse not to practice ive only been playing for about 6 months with about 3-4 hours practice a week so still a very long way to go b4 i can crank up my amp and play something people can recognise.
Thanks for the tips all and if there is anything else you can tell me ie things to practise it would be much appreciated.
Cheers Paul