I've had for a long time a Fender Princeton Chorus that I intend to change for a head and cabinet. I have played lot of times in stereo (for flanger, chorus, delay and pitch shifting). I play mainly songs from Muse, U2, The Killers and Rage Against the Machine.

I'm looking to be able to connect the delay pedal I have (timefactor) into a stereo effects loop. Can you recommend me an amp head?

I'd like to have a modern rock tone. Like some Orange amps. I plan to spend less than 1000$ in it. And it's very important it also has good cleans

Let those recommendations come!

do you gig out a lot? play with a drummer? full band? can you buy used?
are you in the states, with access to craigs list?

what other factors are important for your needs.
because you've got a large enough budget. so you might as well get the most for your money.

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Unless you're gigging don't bother, if its just room practise it's hard to notice the difference unless you relatively far away from it
Yes, ot would be for gigging. Nothing serious, just a hobby.
It's not that we really need it to be stereo, but it will be a gift to myself hehe

And yes, it's with a full band, but in Europe (Spain) and have no idea what craiglist is (ads?)

Well, i can just think of these:

-Good cleans
-Modern rock tone (medium gain it's enough)
-Will play things like Muse, Kings of Leon, RATM, RHCP, U2, The Killers
-I prefer to buy new, but it's ok if not

I have an open mind for gear, so no need to replicate the exact sound of any of those bands.

This is like writing a letter to santa
I just heard about the Rivera S120, but seems like that's the only one existing in head amp format, is it true?